A dog in his master pray at church

Today I saw something, to me that was very touching, very heartwarming and it looked really beautiful to me. My wife and I went to church and we found our place in our pew and a short time later, few minutes I guess. An old man who was crippled up came the church and was walking down the aisle with his dog on a leash and the dog was watching out for him, and guiding him so he wouldn’t fall or bump into anyone. Well the old man sat down in his pew and the dog, nice brown and white medium-sized dog pretty furry sat next to the old man and put his head on his lap and the  man patted his head, and the dog new that he was really loved. So he laid down right at his master’s feet and for an hour and 15 minutes he laid there and as things went on  he didn’t cry out, he just laid there respectfully and took care of his master while they were in church.   And he knew when church was over because it was funny he got up and sat up and looked at his master like as if to say, okay are you ready to leave.

Well as his master struggled to get up the little dog was right by his side and knew exactly what entrance of the church that they were going to leave by and he lead his master out, everybody made way for them and they went outside.  I guess I didn’t see what happened but I imagine his family must pick them up with a car drove him home with his dog. I thought that was so touching and so beautiful even the dog had respect for God when he was in church. One of the nicest kindest things I have seen in my life.