Baby was saved from being murdered

Tonight at a church meeting I saw what you might call a miracle there was one of the most beautiful little baby I have ever seen in my life she’s only about a month old. She was saved from being aborted in a late term abortion where the doctor would pull the child out of woman’s  womb  and would a drill drill a hole it the baby brain and kill it, but a miracle happened this young lady happen the say in front of some people that she was going to go have her baby aborted . But there was another young lady, well I will say she’s in her 30 year, that told this little girl don’t abort that baby and I will adopt your baby.

And the baby was born healthy beautiful and blessed by God be saved from murder by the psycho doctors that kill babies for money. Our father, our priest Father Winchell blessed the baby at this meeting. Everyone had to touch this little child the women had adopted, all women wanted to carry her and she slept so peacefully and was so loved by 50/60 people in that room including grown men that it made me feel really fine that there are people that care about helping babies live their life.

And not be murdered under Obama’s law of murder Inc. of killing babies. This child was really blessed because in our country alone there’s almost 1 million babies a year murdered by abortions that are legalized murder from the government.

So to all women who want o abort their babies , put an ad in the papers, go on the Internet and ask if someone would adopted your baby and not have it murdered in clod blood.

Let see if the Negros will step up to the plate and save a negro baby from death by abortion and tell the mother they will adopt that Black baby. Or are they as usual waiting for the White people to take over for them. Life is cheap in the Latino   Negro Communities, they want everyone else ( White People) to take care of all their problems