Biden Caught Cribbing Climate Plan From Energy Coalition


How could any one in his right mind  vote for this Traitor and crook Joe Biden. Biden’s son along with his partner in crime, John Kerry, put their sons to work for China, Russia and the Ukraine. While Biden and Kerry, were negotiating with countries upfront, their sons are in the background making deals for their parents to collect billions of dollars from these countries like China, Russia, Ukraine etc. etc. and I don’t know why many other countries that when Biden and Carey visited them they took their sons along to make the back door deals with these countries and use their influence to help these countries screw the United States of America.

Now how could you vote for a traitor like Biden and  Kerry. They are thieves of the highest caliber and they get away with these crimes because they are demo rats. And all the demo rats are above the law. And the fake news media backs up people like Biden in Kerry and their families like it’s okay to be a Traitor for money to Foreign Countries, you know to take money from countries and and work against the United States with these countries for billions of dollars that are paid to them through their sons.

Also Biden is a pig, he walked around in his house naked playing with his brain in front of the Secret Service people including the women and the women turned their backs on him. Now Clinton hung out in the white house was brain hanging out of his pants when there was a new White House girl that came in to see him. If Biden gets to be president he will be eager to do walk around the Oval Office naked playing with is brain flipping it up and down so everybody could see what he’s doing.

Give me a break, how did he get to be the senator of anything is an unbelievable freakish thing that ever happened because the voters in that state like most states the voters are stupid they don’t know what they’re voting for or who their voting for, they don’t know anything about the person they’re voting for, their told to vote for this guy by a precinct captain and they vote for the guy.

The people of the United States better a wake-up and look into the people that they’re voting for to run this country, because they’re running this country into the ground. I got two words for Joe Biden and the first word begins with an F— H. You see what the Democrats did when everybody voted Democrat because the Republicans failed to come out and vote for president Trump because the programs, Republicans failed the people when they had control of everything. Don’t let this happen again in 2020, you put the Democrats back in and you put Obama back in and you bring in socialism open borders no sovereignty for the United States of America and the end of this nation. But if that happens that’s the time we the people have to go to the gun to take back our country immediately. 80 million gun owners and the government will try to take away our weapons. Die before you give up your weapon.

From Fix this Nation:

Plagiarizer: Biden Caught Cribbing Climate Plan From Energy Coalition

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This week, Joe Biden unveiled his massive climate change action plan in a transparent attempt to get some of that sweet, sweet AOC-tinged fairy dust on his campaign. While not necessarily needing any help from the far-left so far – he’s dominating the Democratic primary field in every single poll – it never hurts to get out in front of what will be a problem down the road. Once the field narrows to just Biden and Bernie Sanders, which it almost inevitably will, the socialists are going to really crank up the pressure on old Uncle Joe. This climate plan was his attempt to be like, Hey kids, I’m just like you!

Unfortunately for him, he’s now been busted cribbing his plan from other sources.

“Joe Biden’s presidential campaign lifted language without credit, at times word for word, when crafting its education and climate plans, incidents the campaign acknowledged and said were inadvertent,” reports the Washington Post. “The incidents appeared to be staff errors when detailing Biden’s policies, and they underscored how hastily his campaign was attempting to put out specific proposals. But the issue was a particularly sensitive one for Biden, whose 1988 campaign was derailed after he plagiarized, in speeches, rhetoric used by British politician Neil Kinnock.”

So Biden didn’t just plagiarize his climate homework this week, but he’s also been caught plagiarizing in the past. Maybe he was too busy rubbing shoulders and sniffing hair back in high school to learn that it’s not okay to take someone’s else’s work and make it his own.

We imagine the climate-frenzied left could give Biden a pass on this minor ethical infraction. The real problem isn’t that he stole a few lines here and there…it’s who he stole those lines from. See, Biden didn’t crib together his climate plan using stolen lines from the Sunrise Movement or the Green New Deal (although the meat of his plan does originate from those sources). No, he took lines from the Carbon Capture Coalition, which is a group formed by members such as Shell and Peabody Energy. The BAD GUYS, in other words!