Bubonic Plague in China


Bubonic Plague Is Back: Two Test Positive for Plague More Infectious Than The Dark Ages

ts called poor sanitation, and no kind of Rat control. Pick up the garbage and burn it.NOt like in the USA where Where the leftist nut jobs were so afraid of polluting the air stopped all the burning of garbage in all the cities throughout the United States and made the huge 23 400 foot 50 acre land plots of garbage filled over with with dirt in knitting gases that could probably explode at any time. But they think they saved us because they cleared the air of smoke from garbage disposal burners, maybe, but now that garbage is going to start polluting our water shelf.

The water shelf is more important than stopping cities from burning garbage in their incinerators. In stopping companies from improving on there’s incinerators to totally burn 20 tons of garbage into a small brick 6 x 2″.

Also these wacko environmentalists are allowing acres and acres of land to be covered with windmills that don’t work, that kill birds in the sky that fly by and also acres anAlso importing goods from China now will bring the bubonic plague to the United States of America, not a nice thought. Where are the ecologists now. Nowhere they don’t know anything that they tell us that they know about acres of land that we could be used for farming with mirrors that if anyone or animal walks in the that mirror when the sun is on it it’ll cook him right there. So where is that environmentally helpful to the success of we the people living a healthy life. Nowhere!