21st Century Pope…Socialist/Communist

The Pope in my opinion is not and does not represent Christ on earth,or even believes in the Catholic Religion, as the head of the Church.Pope Francis is a Globalist, and believes in climate change. And is celebrating Islam with the Muslims, he is not the first Pope to do that. You can go back to the seventies. The Church Has adopted some of the ways that the Muslims do things in their Pagan Killer religion. Black used to be the color of morning in the Church but now and it has been for a while, White. Muslim use white for morning.

Pope Francis invited the histories biggest killer of human beings in the history of the world to the Vatican, and praised this murderer for what he is doing to destroy not only the USA but the World. Obama has murdered more innocent babies then Hitler, Stalin, Genghis Chan, more then all the killers of people through out the history of mankind.

The Pope did not emphatically tell Obama to resend that law that allows the legalization to kill   unborn babies. Not only here in the United States of America but in the world that we fund with our tax dollars to murder babies all over the world. So why didn’t that happen, so Obama would stop the murder of millions of babies a year? The only thing I can think of the Pope agrees with these murders started by Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Biden. The only reason I mention them, they claim to be good Catholics, that is an out and out lie!  You can’t excommunicate Obama because he is a Communist Muslim and it is his duty as a Muslim to kill as many Christians and Jews as he can. Islam a murder Cult. But the Pope can excommunicate Pelosi and that phony Biden who says he carries a Rosary with him, and he is for the Murder of all babies, and so is Pelosi because she is the one who pushed the murder of babies through the Demo-RAT Party. If the Pope did that how could he get money from us through these killers. That goes against everything that the Church has taught from it’s beginning, not to murder babies by law or anything else.

The Pope believes in open borders, throughout the world, not only for the USA. He is more a Politician then a Pope. He got to be Pope that same time Obama became President. I believe both were picked, the Pope to destroy the Church, and Obama to destroy the USA and the world.

Does the Pope work for Jesus Christ and HIs Church? No the Pope works for the world controlled by the Devil.

One last thing. Why didn’t the Pope want President Trump to visit. Our President, the only one who is against the Murder of innocent babies, by mother’s who are basically killers of their own children! Because the Pope does not believe in what Trump is doing to save the USA and the World. God Bless President Trump, he is like St.Dominic who saved the Church and the world. But the Communist Pope will not invite a real man that is working for all mankind. And he is almost all alone fighting for us, we the people. The Pope only deals with scum, babie Killers, and Muslims. It’s all about money. That’s why Pelosi and Biden will never be excommunicated.

Why don’t the Bishops in the USA excommunicate them, because they don’t believe in our Catholic Religion, or God, they believe in money that they get from the Demo-RAT Party run by Obama, Pelosi, Biden, Schumer and every Rat that is Republican and Deom-Rat that is for the Murder of innocent babies. Money corrupts everyone Popes, Bishops, Congressmen, Senators, Soros Corrupts them all with money.