China Has a Killer Drone

It was all over Fox News this morning, China now has a drone that could match ours. Everybody’s worried even the Congress and the Senate are worried that China has this drone.

Well the news, the fake news, Fox news, the Congress and the Senate both demo rats and traitor Republicans never gave it a thought when their god Obama sent to Iran the best drone, killer drone, that we produced and gave it to Iran as a present.. I wonder how much money Iran paid their guy in Washington. Obama the Muslim.

Nobody for eight years worried that Obama was destroying our Armed Forces little by little,, our Navy in particular was being destroyed. While Obama, the god of the demo rat party and traitor Republicans didn’t do a thing to stop Obama when Obama kept giving China our plans for our Navy ships, selling us out to the Muslims terrorists, what kind of guns we had what kind of electronics we had what kind of anything we had to protect our country and our Navy. No one said a word, no one stopped him, he was free to do anything he wanted to destroy the United States of America. And the demo rats and the trader Republicans were right at his side helping him to destroy this country.

That’s called a communist statement leveling the playing field so that if we go to war with any country they have the same weapons we do so they can kill us easier.

Thank God that Pres. Trump was elected to save our country. But in the meantime where were we,the American people, to stop Obama and our government from destroying our country. We the people of the United States were going to just sit there and let Obama destroy our country. Then came along a great leader, Donald Trump who saved our country. Who is saving our country.

But it was really up to we the people to destroy Obama and the Senate and the Congress who let this guy destroy our country. We the people allowed Obama to bring in the Trojan horse that will in time destroy this country when he let in millions of Muslims into this country. And we are still paying their support to destroy our country. And the Muslims will destroy the United States of America. So never give up our guns make sure they all work properly buy enough ammo because were going to need it to take back our country one of these days which is coming soon.