City votes, “No Police!!!”

I understand that the city of Minneapolis have caved in to the revolutionist communist socialist children in the street, ANTIFA and the other terrorist organization called black lives matter both started by Obama and the Republican traitors and all the Demo-rats. That’s wonderful news that now Minneapolis voted out the police department so now the criminals and people who never thought to be criminals will become criminals the  murder rate will go up hundred and 50% the same time robberies and  people and businesses being robbed every day.

Anybody can walk in the restaurant sit down and order what they want and when the check comes all they have to do is pull out a gun stick the place up Rob whatever monies in the  cash register and walk out. No police to stop them. Great stuff, free crime. no penalty, no Police!

Now you guys at home,  any criminal or person with a gun walk in your house, mostly criminals, MSN 13 gangs, Mexican gangs, Puerto Rican gangs, Black gangs, individuals, people that know you have something of value in your house they can walk right in murder you if they have to and rob your house. There’s no 911 you can call for the police to help you,  your on your own, crime is ready to run free, thanks to your mayor that you dummies voted for, and thanks to the nine consul  that you dummies voted for. All demo rats all socialist communist following the demo rat dogma that was it written by Antonio Granmsci while he was doing time in Italian prison for trying to overthrow the Italian government to  communism.

The communist portfolio says to create chaos people rise up destroy property burned buildings and as long as the government or the police department refused to stop you, just keep going because their weak or they agree with you, the city the people that run the city are not on your side, they are not on the side of people, the honest people of Minneapolis that voted these socialist communist demo rats into office.They are on the side of the criminals and Anarchists! The Demo-RAT Party all over this Nation are and were always for the criminals, they passed laws to protect them but not you.

So who’s going to patrol the streets if there’s no police, the gang bangers, I said this would happen many years ago that the socialist communist demo rats would destroy our country and your city Minneapolis is the test ground . Here’s another fact that you have to look at once the people pull up their weapons to defend themselves the demo rat government of the city of Minneapolis and the state of Minnesota will send out the thugs to confiscate your weapon so that they are free to commit all the crimes and murders that they want. With out having to worry about losing their lives and taking your life free ans clear and no jail time.

Got a beautiful daughter well all the gang bangers got do is come in the house drag her out of the house and rape her. Also you have to watch out for the Muslims because they get a free pass and all the crimes that they commit and I’m sure they’ll be out there also with their swords and shotguns that was provided by Obama and the United States government and they will come out of their training camps that were in Minnesota and try and help the gang bangers subdue the people.

You have to remember that when the city in state government come for your gun, and they use the National Guard or the gang bangers and the Muslims you have every right to defend yourself according to the Second Amendment. They are breaking the law when they try to take away your gun to defend your life and your family and your home. The Second Amendment says we have the right to defend ourselves. You people that are living in Minneapolis Minnesota are the test group for the government, the demo rat government, are enemy and the traitor Republicans. And it’s it’s another way for city state governments to take away your right to protect yourself from the city government and state government. In the state of Minnesota and take away our gun,your real enemy is your mayor who is a Demo-rat and the Councilman, voted to throw the policeman out are also demo rats socialist communists that don’t care about the people they are helping the anarchists overthrow the city of Minneapolis with the help of your mayor, that you dummies elected.

Good luck to all the people that are stuck in that city of Minneapolis that’s going up in flames and is going to have chaos and murder in crime legitimately okayed by the city government and the state government and the county government.

The Second Amendment was written for just this thing to protect yourself from a government that is going to attack you your family and your freedom. It’s in the Constitution read the Second Amendment you have a right to take your city back by force if all of you people band together with your weapons as one unit you could put this rebellion down in the second and save yourselves your children your family and your lifes. Don’t be afraid, if the Jews would’ve fought back when Hitler dragged the monitor houses Hitler could’ve never dragged the monitor houses if they had a weapon to fight Hitler and his Nazis. The people were denied the right to own a weapon to defend themselves that’s how they were murder because they could not defend themselves they were like sheep going to the slaughter and that’s what you people in Minneapolis. The people of America, the United States of America better wake up because we’re allowing 500 people to destroy our Country,our Constitution, our Bill of Rights our freedom and our lives, and we’re going to stand by and let them do this. Are we all sheep ready to be dragged to slaughter house for the chosen elite Demo-Rat Party?

We’re 300 million strong they’re only 500 who’s going to win the war. The military will have to side with us because the military swore to protect our country from the enemies from without and within , the The Demo-rat party in the traitor Republicans are the  enemy with in our country. We are now being attacked by our enemy, our Demo-Rat Government from with in and that is our federal government and state governments that are run by all demo rats and we mustn’t forget the traitor Republicans like Mitt Romney.

Don’t forget vote them guys, and all the Demo-rats, their your friends, they just stabbed you and everybody else in the country in the back.

Our Supreme Court sides with the enemy every time, criminals and the Demo-Rat Party!!! So they are useless.