It certainly looks like China is trying to create a virus that’s going to kill off 90% of the population of the world. They created the swine flu that one went  round the world and a lot of people died from it. Now the Chinese have created the coronavirus which is spreading around the world. And if you look at the map that they show on TV South America doesn’t have any, Africa doesn’t have any of the virus. The United States does and all of Europe has the virus and parts of them in the  Far East.

So with the Chinese experimenting with different ways of killing people and create If not enough people are killed by this new virus they can work on it again and get it to be more potent and more poisonous to everyone. viruses that’s like creating poison gas to kill you. And then like the CIA they let the virus loose, see how many people it will kill before they can find a cure which is pretty hard to find.

I wonder if that great organization, the UN, created by a very narcissistic president Wilson, read science fiction by HG Wells about a United world which will never happen ever till the end of time. Notice it’s science fiction, not real.

So this is one of the reasons why you’ll never have a one world country never. BecauThen clean the virus and just step right in and take over of men because of the way countries think. The greed of the country that are in the UN. Now China with the permission of the UN creates new viruses and sends them out into the world to see how many people will die. That’s a good way for the Chinese and the UN to take over the world, kill off most of the people with the virus. That means that there will be no damage to buildings or anything else that has been built by a people. It’s better than a nuclear bomb and you kill more people with and no explosion. But everybody’s going to die.

We should thank China, for this, maybe even the demo rat party sponsored them and gave money to China to find a virus that will kill off most of the people except them.

I think the Chinese are nuts.