Demo-rat Traitors didn’t stop the Obama’s spending 3 or 4 trillion dollars on themsleves

Well here we go I thought I would have a nice holiday called July 4 everybody else but I have to defend Pres. Trump our president the best president that this country is seen in 100 years.

All the Democrats are condemning Pres. Trump for having a parade today to celebrate the Fourth of July in the United States of America. And are putting up such a stink you could smell the stink all the way to China. What I don’t remember one Democrat or to fake news media saying one word about Obama the traitor every Wednesday throwing banquets that cost us $2.5 million because of all the superduper rock bands and movie stars that he invited to pay them.. Where was the demo rat party to condemn Obama for wasting our tax dollars on himself.

How about when we taxpayers paid over $1 million so him and Michelle could date in New York and it was so wonderful the great Negro couple having brown of dates together all beautiful. The demo rat party didn’t complain and neither did the fake news media complain about that
How about when Michelle Obama the mooch took,

Her daughters, who were called ambassadors and were paid $100,000 each on their vacations with their mother was also an ambassador, probably got paid $10 million dollars as an ambassador, all-expenses-paid. Also there was the entourage that had a go with them to government airplanes plus fighter escorts, plus cars to drive them around in, also special health needs that were put in a warehouse as soon as they landed in their location wherever it was in the world that they went.

Her mother was also an ambassador and got $100,000, her brother was an ambassador on those trips and he got $100,000 for being an ambassador. And if he had his family with him if he has a family they were also considered ambassadors and got $100,000 a piece of our money.

The plane alone that carried her and her family on the stupid trips just so they could see the world and the Democrats never said a word about it in the fake news media never criticize them for spending our money like that hand over fist. Staying in the best hotels at $10,000 a night for everybody in their attempt entourage. Including the Secret Service agents. And all the other trappings that Michelle Obama took with her so that they would be comfortable at Dr. teachers this one that one somebody to pick her toes and clear toenails. Each trip cost we the taxpayers over $30 million a day. The Democrats and the fake news media never said a word that they were passing away our taxpayer money while we the people couldn’t make ends meet they were living like the canes and Queens of the world and we were living like the dregs of the world.

You want that to come back, vote for a Dem-crat, or a card-carrying socialist communist like Bernie Sanders. Superrich don’t forget that this rat is so rich he could buy and sell anybody 10 times.

But as long as it was the Obamas everything was a okay between them they spent at least $4 trillion on themselves in eight years when this rat was a traitor president to the United States of America.