Demo-Rats ready to kill the people


This man is endangering the lives of his own citizen all because he hates President Trump?

Today, according to Breitbart, Nevada’s Democrat Gov. Steve Sisolak issued an order to block antimalarial drugs such as chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine from individuals affected by the coronavirus.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal added the “governor’s order prohibits the prescribing and dispensing chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine for a COVID-19 diagnosis[.]



Well the dummy people voted for a Demo-Rat. This is just what is coming from the Demo-Rats that they plan to do to we the people, (white only) to deny any health care to any one over the age of fifty or less. Bloomberg said he would deny people 90 no health care when he became President. That’s what Biden and all the Demo-RATS are planing to do if they get elected. I have never been wrong about the Congressmen and Senators of both parties yet, they have did everything I ever said they would do to we the people and it is all for them and other countries but never for us or the White people of this Nation. Nancy Pelosi is not the President of the USA.