Demo-Rats to destroy our country

Finally someone has finally figured it out like I have, and wrote many articles about it, it was Rush Limbaugh. He said the same thing I have written about for many years. That our country was being destroyed by all the real professional politicians both Democrat and Republican.

It all started with that pseudo-intellectual that thought he was brought down by God to rule the world. Woodrow Wilson. He was a great fan of HG Wells who wrote science fiction. Remember the word,” science fiction”. In one of his books he wrote how all the world got together and there was peace in the world and everybody got along it was a utopia. Well as long as man is in charge of everything on paper things look good, in reality, man is the most corrupt son of a bitch in the world. On paper all the stuff looks good. Again in reality it doesn’t work.

Right after World War I, and Wilson promised the people that we wouldn’t get involved. But he did, if it wasn’t for the United States of America Germany would took over Europe. If it wasn’t for the United States of America, Germany again would take over the world, along with Japan in World War II.

In the meantime way back in 1918 after World War I was over, Wilson started the league of nations, the league of Nations cut Europe up and we started rebuilding Europe. World War II was the same thing.

After World War II they with came up the United Nations. And our president I guess it had to be Truman at the time signed over the United States of America ‘s Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard to the UN. Truman Got us involved with the UN and they were going to bring peace to the world. The first time we went to war with the UN declaring War, was the Korean War. We lost 50,000 young men in three or four years plus another 50,000 kids that were wounded. We did not win the Korean War. Gen. MacArthur was disgraced thrown out in the Army and came home because he wanted to invade China then and get the war over with, and we come out winners and Korea na d even China would be a free nation. But Truman got it stick up his ass because he was the the great leader of this country and fired MacArthur

. But we lost the war, our troops were wasted because the UN  split Korea in half,North Korea and South Korea at the 38th parallel. UN control, our soldiers did not fight for the United States of America they did not die for the United States they died for nothing and the United Nations. And we have sacrificed our young men and women for over 50 years being  involved with the most corrupt people in the world running the United nations, we have not won any war we were sent to. All we had to do is give the soldiers because we have more people in the United States then anyone else , so United States could afford to get hundred thousand kids killed and wounded, doesn’t matter to our Government that’s what they really want. Less white people.

Well it doesn’t matter to our communist socialist government what matters to we the people, because they are our sons and daughters not theirs.

The United States of America  loved communism since its inception. The Communist when they overthrew the Russian government Tzar  would not have lasted a year if it hadn’t been for the United States propping up the communist government because they killed all the doctors, all the teachers, all the tradesmen all the farmers and they were starving to death. Brilliant. So comes to the rescue to make sure that communism is alive and well for the next hundred years is the United States of America.

Our enemy, our government who sold us down the river for over 100 years and right now they are trying to sell us down the river again with this world order which on paper looks good but doesn’t work. That’s why they’ve been stealing money hand over fist becoming traitors to the greatest country in the world the United States of America. Because the demo rat party wants us to be global and be run by a regional government somewhere in outer space or wherever that will tell everybody what they can and can’t do. But our politicians Nancy Pelosi the  mad dog that she is running the demo rat party and working as hard as she can to dump Trump and get back to the business of becoming super rich and destroying the United States of America. Along with her partners the whole demo rat party and also a lot of the Republican that have been in office for many years one of the biggest traitors that is in there now as a senator from Utah is Mitt Romney. Traitor, traitor to the people and friend of the Democrat party that is going to overthrow our country and send this into a fourth world.

So far our government has always invested in other countries but never our own like Pres. Trump is doing today. We support the UN. We support every socialist communist nation in the world, to keep them going otherwise the whole thing would fold up like an envelope and get sealed and put away forever. But our enemy our government our senators are congressmen the bureaucracy the fake news media is pushing for the destruction of the United states of America.

You know you could say all you want about the vice president, is a quiet guy doesn’t say much but he’s a professional politician. When he was asked about his friend Who was running the  Republican Party in the Congress, Paul Ryan, was against Donald Trump ( and still is) wouldn’t do anything for Donald Trump, Pence said Ryan’s okay I know the guy,  you know he says a lot of things. He’s OK.  So that makes me think that Mr. Pence, a professional politician knows that our country is supposed to be destroyed and if elected president , to me, my opinion is he will work with the demo rat party and the rest of the traitor Republicans to destroy our country.

That’s why Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, the traitors in the FBI, Joe Biden created a cell of traitors with his children, and Kerry was his partner with his children, Nancy Pelosi son is involved with being a traitor to this country. Because they use their family to sell our secrets, basically to our enemy first. Because they hate the United States of America they hate what the United States of America stands for. And they’ve made sure that they are super rich because when the world is destroyed by them and it becomes one world run by a regional government and we the people are slaves and there is no utopia they will always sit at the top of the food chain. Because communism and socialism is only for the rich never for the people. On paper it looks good in reality the people become the slaves and hundreds and millions of people will die because of the change.

Now Armed Forces sworn oath to fight the enemies from without our country and the enemies from with in our country and the enemies that are in our country are our Demo-rats and Traitor Republicans. That’s why the demo rat party is pushing crime and chaos along with the fake news media to destroy Trump and our Country.

If the Armed Forces cannot take back our country from the enemy within who is every demo rat and every traitor Republican we have too,  we the people to take our country back ourselves what our guns in our Bible to protect our freedom, our Constitution our Bill of Rights our freedom for us and our children and our grandchildren and their children. God sent Pres. Trump to stop this and so far he has been bringing us back.

The demo rat party is trying to cheat us out of the election and make Joe Biden a true traitor to this country like the rest of them who is superrich and the puppet strings are pulled by outside forces for all of them but it’s always money and power. They don’t care  about we the people, they only care for themselves and their families to wind up on top when they destroy the world and they destroy the people of the world they will survive. We will not.

Buy more guns, AR 15 semi automatic’s, shot guns  pistols, ammunition and stock up because we may have to free our own country by ourselves. If the demo rat party wins the election it is time for we the people the stand up like men and women and with our guns and Bibles take back our country from these rotten bastards that want to destroy us. We must destroy them.

God bless America, God bless we the people, God bless Pres. Trump