Fox News Joins Fake Demo-rat News

It is now time for weasel people to boycott Fox News because they don’t under the First Amendment. Judge Jeannie had every right to say what she wanted to say on her program. This is the United States of America this is not a socialist communist country yet where the Demo-rats want us to go, along with the traitor Republicans.

Fox News is going to give judge Jeannie’s show to none other than a lieing, cheeting Demo-rat Donna Brazil. She was also part of the plot to stop trump from becoming the president of the United States. Donna Brazil helped Hillary Clinton cheat during the debates between her and Donald Trump. Donna Brazil gave Hillary Clinton the questions before how many days I don’t know the debates that went on national television. So Donna Brazil is also part of the traitors from the FBI, the biggest traitor of all, John McCain, to overthrow Pres. trump and our government. So I personally will never watch Fox News or any of the other fake review until they come back to their senses. You get better news that is more true on the Internet and you can by watching these phony news medias like Fox News who has a fair and balanced program which is a lot of crap as far as I’m concerned no other station puts on conservative ideas so why does Fox put on anti-trump anti-American demo rats that want to destroy our country. And why are they sticking up for the Muslims?

So if anybody has any sense boycott Fox News we don’t need them they need us and they could stick Donna Brazil where the sun don’t shine because she’s another traitor.