I know why

These questions in the box below do make sense to me. Because our government is not a government for the people of the United States or we the people. The Democrats are a government of the world give our money to support the world but take no money to support the United States. Our demo rats and traitor Republicans hate the United States of America, they hate the Constitution, they hate the Bill of Rights, they hate the freedom we have, they hate we the people if we are prosperous and have a few extra bucks in our pocket. They hate everything that the United States stands for and want to tear our country down and give it away to all the other countries in the world. These demo rats congressmen and senators with the help of all the traitors that are fighting against Pres. Trump and want to follow the Obama doctrine of the of the instruction of the United States of America are all rats and they have to be voted out of their offices we cannot leave people in government for 25 years or longer they become tyrants and think that they can govern us and we’re dumb. Maybe we are done but I hope were start to get smart and see what kinda rats these people are that want to destroy our country are freedom and we the people of the United States of America. One term for Senators and two terms for congressmen.

The other alternative is a Civil War between us to senators and congressmen who want to destroy us and our country. Bibles and guns work



From Steve Di,


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