It’s called Treason!!!

Everybody in the news media is asking where the crime is that Joe Biden and his son committed along with John Kerry and his son with the Ukraine and with China what’s the crime?

The crime that the Bidens committed and the Kerry’s committed is called treason!!!
Selling secrets, and giving money to the enemy or friends that shouldn’t have no knowledge of our secrets or our weapons or our money but there are huge kickbacks in the billions of dollars that Biden gave to the Ukraine along with his partner John Kerry and Obama..

Kerry was and is still a traitor from the Vietnam War. Biden and his family are practiced traitors from their lives dealing with other countries selling biggest secrets, with their leader Obama the biggest traitor, this country has ever seen. He puts Jimmy Carter to shame and Jimmy Carter is a traitor rat. But as long as you are Democrat you are above the law you’re free to do anything you want for and mostly against this country for money and giving away our secret secrets the at foreign countries.