Kangaroo Court

The Atty. Gen. William Barr was at the some judiciary committee today, run by 90% Democrats and the the main guy was that fat little midget from New York, Nadler.

If anybody watched this, they tried to rake  Atty. Gen. Barr over the coals. The black people and the women that were all Demo-rats were extremely ruthless in their questioning of the Atty. Gen. They accused bar, and Trump, who wasn’t there, Of everything that you can think of including, murder.

They didn’t question him like a normal human being,they screamed at him, for their allotted time and they wouldn’t let him answer. They did a Kamala Harris, you have to guess answer yes or no. Barr wasn’t on trial. There is no such thing as an answer of yes or no and the Atty. Gen. wasn’t on trial for any crime. But they accused him, of committing crimes against the rioters and the protesters, who every demo rat swore that they were all peaceful even though they were breaking windows burning down the stores,  looting throwing, rocks at the police, who aren’t allowed to defend themselves, and throwing rocks and human shit and other disgusting things at them, they trying to hurt everybody, it is anarchy they are anarchists.

But the demo rat questioners all the women, so vicious   tried to get the Atty. Gen. to admit to a lot of things that he had nothing to do with. And they would never let him answer a question but most of his answers were  right, I follow the law.

But none of these vicious questionnaires would never allow,  Barr to answer their question and they just screamed on and told him that he was impolite that he had no respect for their office and Barr sat there and took it. Nadler, the idiot congressman from New York, Appointed by Nancy Pelosi,Gorbachev’s idiot, just sat there and smiled like a Cheshire cat like he got you, enjoying every minute of these Demo-Rat congresswoman and 1 Black guy that I saw, who acted like a women in his questioning.

When the only two Republicans that were on the this kangaroo court committee stuck up for bar Nadler put him down. They were not allowed to say that they were mistreating Barr their questions were not about what the Atty. Gen. thought he was there for.

They were just pushing the Demo-rat agenda of trying to destroy Pres. Trump and anybody else that they thought is Pres. Trump is working for Trump. Trump is the boss of the government. He is William Barr’s boss William Barr.  Or act on his own, William Barr goes with what the president asks and works for we the people.

The Demo-rats think Nancy Pelosi is the president and they are the whips, screaming out  vicious torrents of words trying to destroy everybody that they think might be four Pres. Trump and the USA.

If I was the Atty. Gen., halfway through this shame, I would’ve got up and said. ” you’re not interested in the law or asking me about the law you’re wasting my time you’re wasting taxpayers money, all you are is a bunch of vicious Demo-rats pushing your own Socialist/Communist agenda of crime and chaos and letting these terrorists go free.

They want these terrorists to tear up Demo-rat cities with the permission of the Demo-rats who run them, and the tying up to of the police so they can’t arrest any of these people but just stand there and watch him burn down the city and and throw rocks at them but they can’t defend themselves anymore and he can’t make any more arrests. So why even the police there they can’t stop these anarchists sponsored by the demo rat party and George Soros so they don’t want any police the police should just stand down go home and let them rip the city apart.

And the demo rat Congress and especially these vicious people in this kangaroo court which what it turned out is a kangaroo court put them on trial they are nothing but anarchists themselves who hate the United States, who hate the white people of the United States. And they want these anarchists to destroy our city’s. What are the people supposed to do? Run and hide while the Demo-rats want to turn them loose even in the neighborhoods  so they could burn down the houses and terrorize the people. But the Demo-rat party doesn’t want the people to be able to defend themselves or their property against the people that want to burn their houses down even drag them out of their houses and rob their houses in loot and kill them.

That is one of the reasons we have the Second Amendment you are allowed to defend your home by force if you have to and you are allowed to defend your life if you have to. But the Demo-rat party doesn’t want that. You can see what happened in St. Louis when the they arrested that guy for trying to defend his house. The police came and took away his  gun and he has to  go to the court right. He is charged with a crime but not the criminals who threatened his life and threatened to burn his house down they are free to commit any crime they want and the police can’t arrest them, only you and me who have to defend ourselves because the Police won’t or can’t because of the orders of their Mayors, all Demo-Rats,.  And who was the person that ordered this? She was naturally black, naturally a racist, who knows nothing of the law of survival why Second Amendment was written.

Cities and states and Counties that come to take your weapon are breaking the law when they come in and want to take your gun so you can’t protect yourself your property your family. Where is the Atty. Gen. to stop this. Where is the Supreme Court to stop this and protect the people who use the Second Amendment to defend their property and their life? The Demo-rats want a Civil War! Yet they do want you or me to be able to defend ourselves.

The enemy of our country and we the people the Demo-Rat Party run by anarchists, Socialist/ Communists, their leader a communist her self who took orders from Russia while she ran  The Congressional Progressive  Caucus. Then handed it over to Bernie Sanders a Card carrying Communist.

We are in a violent “Culture  War” From the book Shadow Wold by Robert Chandler.

In this book, published in 2008, Chandler predicted that all this was going to happen to destroy the USA. Read it. To me this is the Bible of how our enemy our own Government taken over by George Soros is going to destroy our Country and our freedom!!!