Kerry & Murphy committed a Crime against the USA

John Kerry, X Secretary of State. He is not the Secretary of State anymore since Trump has been elected president of the United States. Yet Kerry Who has no legal right to go to Iran and talk for himself or for the United States of America because he is no longer in any office of the US government. Kerry has the gall and the nerve and knows  that he will never be convicted of any crime he commits while he is dealing illegally,  with the enemy in Iran, probably giving them all the secrets that he has found out because he is still allowed to look into all our secrets, and sell them to anyone for money. Also he could also be taken care of all the money that he and Obama gave to Iran making sure that he and Obama still get their share of the money that they gave Iran.

But who knows what John Kerry talked about with the people of  Iran. Because he is a traitor to the United States of America and proved that during the Vietnam War,. when the coward rat that he is was by throwing away all his phony metals that he didn’t deserve to get. Denouncing the USA, but Vietnam like all our wars that we don’t win. they are UN wars not ours.

I believe that John Kerry and Sen. Murphy who went to Iran. Gave secrets to our enemy about our troops, our weapons, bases that we are going to have in the Middle East to attack you Iran when it becomes necessary. And Murphy being a traitor demo rat, like  Kerry. They can get away with murder. Demo-RATS above any of our laws.

Especially the murder of American soldiers, who all the demo rats hate with a passion more than they hate the white people.

They broke the Logan act, they should go to jail. Like what the FBI did the Flynn what they’ve done to many other of Trump’s people and made them go to jail immediately broke them financially destroyed their families and destroyed these innocent people because they were with and for Trump. But being demo rats they are free to give away our secrets to our enemy that will cause our boys and girls to get them killed in combat, and they do this all for spite, hatred of our country and money.