Meghan McCain wants Trump murdered!!!


Meghan McCain is a true Democrat, socialist communist has attacked Pres. Trump to murder Trump on her TV show along with that other piece of shit, Behar, or whatever her name is

I think Pres. Trump told the truth about McCain that he is no hero it’s all propaganda and lies put out by politicians to get this traitor to be the senator of Arizona and vote for and with the demo rats all the time.

If you look at back at McCain’s record, no one has ever interviewed any soldier, pilot ,sailor, whatever that was supposed to be in the Hanoi Hilton concentration camp with him. But there are rumors that he was in the Hanoi Hilton, the Hanoi Hilton Hotel that was left in Indochina. And some people called him the songbird. Because he was telling them everything all the time.. When the communist wanted to let him go he said no,he wanted to stay,¬† he didn’t want¬† to go back to freedom. Why? Because he was up for a court-martial for sitting in his airplane, probably drunk, and shooting off the rockets that killing 124 sailors, those rockets don’t go off by themselves somebody has to pull the trigger and McCain pulled the trigger.

So in my eyes McCain is no hero, he is a phony he was a spoiled brat all his life and got away with anything you wanted to do because his father was the Admiral, and saved his ass every time he screwed up which was all the time.

Watch it yourself on the Internet.