No man can serve two masters!!!

Slowly but surely over many years, with the Democrats in control of the government and Republican traitors sitting on their hands just going along with the programs, how to make us socialist communist, globalists, and Islam as the primary religion.

We never noticed or paid attention to what was going on going on to what we have today, each president, from Carter to Obama has worked for the new world order of socialism/communism. Part of the globalists theme to destroy our country is to have everybody belong to two countries, the second is to languages in this country, but there are more than two languages that need interpretation shaders like 15 or 20 languages if you look at everything is Chinese, Latvian whatever there is. But Spanish is the second language this country. Multiculturalism, following England’s lead into darkness. A good way to split the country change the language. Require no one to become an American or to learn to speak the language. We have to learn to speak their language but they don’t have to learn to speak our language they don’t even want to become Americans they want what they had from the countries where the left and ran to this country for all the free stuff. And that’s what they’ve been doing and little by little they’ve enclosing a fence around us. And we have done nothing to stop it until we elected the greatest president in the 20th and 21st century Donald Trump.

This was said by our God, Jesus disciple: and it deals with believe it or not what’s going on right now. Jesus said. ” no man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will stand by the one and despise the other”. Theres there’s more to this but this is the most important part. We the people of the United States cannot serve two masters. We the people are a one country, one people under god, we’re called United States citizens. We should not have two languages spoken in this country. We should not have illegal aliens breaking into this country to destroy everything and that’s all it’s about the destruction of this country are freedom our sovereignty and we become communist/socialist globalists.

Our masters, who are enemy, our senators and congressmen past presidents and the bureaucracies we cannot serve them. We must serve our country, our country is the most important country in the world and we don’t care about globalists, socialist/communist’s or our enemy our federal government who is trying to destroy our country. So according to God’s word even, we should not serve two masters. Our government wants us to serve 10 masters, Islam as the prime religion, the federal government senators congressmen’s and all past presidents in the bureaucracies as our new God. Nancy Pelosi , Chuck Schumer scum of the earth Mitt Romney and all the traitor Republicans, are all in one voice. We the people have to become one voice also we must break the Demo-rat party, their leaders who are globalists super rich traitors that sell us out to foreign countries for billions of dollars and they get away with treason crimes committed against our country, crimes committed against our people,  crimes committed against our Army. Always helping the enemy kill our soldiers for money. Always helping our enemies, look at that Traitor joe Biden and his son also the Kerry family selling us out, commiting Treason and are true Traitors to the USA. They are above the law because the Demo-rtas are in charge and the Traitor Republicans stabbing we the people in the back!

We must fight back at the polls and destroy these people if that doesn’t work go to our guns and bibles and take back our country.. You see the liars on television every night try to impeach the greatest president this country is ever seen, Donald Trump. Since the Demo-rats took over again we have not progressed one day except for Donald Trump is done all on his own while everybody including the Republican Party stabbed him in the back like a dog.

It is up to us we the people of the United States get off our dead asses get out there and do something so that we are the winners in this country we control this country not those Bastards that have been elected in Washington that have been there all their lives destroying our country. Time to get rid of all of them, term limits, Two 3 year terms  for senators, two years appointed for congressmen. Because they may gain they have gained too much power by letting them be elected year after year after year and this is what were facing the destruction of our country by a bunch ass holes that are lawyers and scum in liars and cheaters and rapists and murderers, and they commit treason and get away with. Theses Rats said that no one should be President ,more than two terms, because he might gain to much power. But Senators and Congressmen have been elected for more then 20 years and they HAVE gotten to much power!!!

It is time we the people stopped them  in their tracks. We must back freedom one  hundred and 25% not the Demo-rat party and not the traitors that belong to the Republican Party.

Also never give up your gun, if the government ever comes for your gun or anyone else die to protect your right to defend yourself and your family. IN Germany, Hitler and the Nazis took away the right for people to bear arms. They just marched into the house and forced a Jewish family out  and killed the Jews  and eventually slaughtered  them like animals. If the Jew had a weapon and every time A NAZI came to his door and tried to drag him and his family out he shot one of them and maybe he died, but let me tell you, they would have  had one hell of a time trying to get the Jew out so they could slaughter them like animals. This is our government, Nazis of the 21st century run by the demo rat party run by the pig of  the world Nancy scum Pelosi, and the same kind a Jew that elected Hitler to kill the Jews, Chuck Schumer.