no one will ever go to jail!!!

I just received a questionnaire  by a company or organization called liberty guard and right below that it states that  Bob Barr is the founder and chairman. Then it says, ” don’t allow the coronavirus crisis to distract America from the urgent need to bring team Obama to justice.” And their names are in the bottom of the envelope  Obama, Hillary Clinton, Komy, and Brennan CIA Muslim communist.

The question asked, a lot of good questions , these people committed treason and they should be punished. I answered all the questions.  These people should be tried for treason. At the end they want a donation of upwards of from $10/ $2000 area and more and other friends supporters are making equal sacrifice by sending smaller gifts of money.

Bob Barr is not going to convict anybody of anything, treason or whatever trying to overthrow the government. That is,  he’s had over three years to start convicting people of the crimes they committed to overthrow the United States government by all of these people including Obama and everybody and his staff. So far nobody is been convicted nobody has been questioned about anything, they all have had a pat on the head and they got away with treason, murder, blackmail, their pockets are filled to the brim with billions and not trillions of dollars. By trying to commit treason and destroy the United States of America plus our president plus our Constitution our Bill of Rights and everything else that means freedom to we the people of the United States of America.

Bob Barr is a professional politician, he’s been around for over 25 year period he’s gotten to the place where he is at now because of these same people that he’s supposed to put on trial for treason helped him get to the position he he is right now.

Barr belongs to the same club that all the professional politicians belong to and that’s protecting all the traitors  who are, senators and congressmen and bureaucrats and  the FBI and anyone else who goes against the United States of America. No one will ever get convicted of any crime that they committed trying to overthrow the United States government and an elected president our president Donald Trump.

If you want these people convicted of a crime against our country and our president you have to higher somebody from the outside of politics to bring these people to justice otherwise there will never be any justice for the United States of America. And that even includes all the justices of the Supreme Court who will not lift one finger to help put these people in jail.

Did I send them a donation? No! Because the money is not going to help get these people convicted of treason.

The only way justice is going to happen to these people is that we the people take up our guns and Bibles and move on Washington DC and clean out all the traitors. The Democrats and Republicans. That includes all the ex-presidents, people like Hillary Clinton who ran the State Department vice presidents criminals like Joe Biden and his family. None of them will ever see the inside of a prison they will remain super rich and powerful too the that they die!

The United States of America will be destroyed as soon as we can never get another president like Pres. Trump, the only president in the history this country that stayed true to his word, that the USA will become first always. First, for this country, first, last and always.

When Pres. trump can no longer be president of the United States of America. Unless term limits are adopted before his last term. The demo rats and a traitor Republicans will still be led by McConnell, Romney, Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi will bring this country to its knees and we will be destroyed forever.

Because we the people have no guts to fight for our country are freedom and our rights!