Not protesters but terrorists

The protesters who are burning down and causing havoc and  crime in the Democrat sanctuary cities are not protesters. They are terrorists!, Protesters don’t attack the police stations, government buildings and anything else that belongs to the government. or the people.

They should be called what they are by the fake news media who refused to call them the real name that they are, anarchists and terrorists trying to overthrow the government. Sponsored by the demo rat party who supplies money to George Soros so  Soros can pay these people with our own tax dollars to destroy our city our country are laws our Constitution.

They follow the communist doctrine. With the people who first started with riots in the cities in Russia. And then gradually they convinced everybody that communism and socialism was the way to go. Even the Army and the Navy sided with the terrorist anarchists of communist Russia.

The Communist Party even tried it in Europe to overthrow certain countries like Germany they started riots and cause trouble and kill people and burned buildings and houses and government buildings but it didn’t work. They were beaten back by the police and the Army and  shot killed them , end of the terrorist anarchists ready overthrow the government of Germany and this is way back in 1920.
so what we have now is a combination of terrorist organizations and anarchists mostly college students who are very stupid and believe the teachers of hate who follow Cloward/Priven teaching how to overthrow the government by starting with riots and terrorism in the streets. Also Sall ILinsky another great hater of the United States of America. And also all the teachers of hate that Obama put in the colleges to teach the children of today just like in the 60s only they figured it out better now how to destroy the United States of America through terrorism in the disguise of peaceful protesters which they are not.

ANTIFA is getting weapons made in China. They were a terrorist organization that was created by Obama and the Obama administration along with the other terrorist group called black lives matter. In reality Black lives don’t matter, it’s just an excuse to well burn down buildings loot looped in kill people. Obama knew that he would never go to jail for Committing crime sa against the USA, or the Clintons as long as they were going to destroy our Country.

The mayors and governors who are Democrats in the cities and states that have this problem are socialist communist following the Democrat parties agenda now, of how to destroy the United States of America and how to try and destroy Pres. Trump.

What they want is Civil War, they want we the people to come out with our guns and rifles and Bibles and start the Civil War with them. That’s why they refused to let the police or the government protect the people in the buildings and the owners of businesses right to freedom to make all the money they want.

They create, the Democrats, orders that the police cannot defend themselves or they can’t stop the terrorists from looting and burning buildings and robbing them. Trying to force the people to come out and  protect their own buildings with their weapons. But it would be okay for the terrorists to murder the people and the police and they would get away with it but it would not be legal for an American citizen under the right to the Constitution to be able to protect his life and his property. And it is OK for the Mayors and Governors to come and take away your gun so you cannot defend your self your por[poty and your family against these terrorists. These people can’t send the Police to take away your gun it is in the second Amendment, they do it to protect the Terrorists

The Supreme Court will not protect the people’s rights under the Second Amendment to protect themselves from terrorists that are going to do bodily harm to them and their buildings and businesses. Remember the Supreme Court is run by Mr. Roberts who is and was and still is Obama’s man in the Supreme Court and he’s the head of the Supreme court so there will be no help against these terrorists as long as people like Roberts, Mayor, Ginsburg, and a couple other socialist minded Supreme Court judges to stick up for the people to protect themselves against these terrorists and anarchists.

Study what terrorism is and then try to compare it to what’s happening in the cities to peaceful protesters there’s no such thing. It’s the 1960s all over again but considerably worked out much better and much more organized than it was in the 60s. And the killers in the 60s got away with murder. Bill Ayers and his wife and fellow terrorist Bernadine Dohrn. They got away with their crime because they knew that they could not be touched for any crime that they committed. They beat the murder because the FBI Made a mistake when the arrested them. I bet.

All these Terrorists, ANTIFA,  Black lives matter  and the students who have become terrorists know that nothing will never happen to them they will never see the inside of a jail./ They are protected by the Demo-Rat Party.