Obama is destroying the Sovereignty of the United States of America

Obama is destroying the sovereignty of the United States of America. Obama is ready to give the rights to the UN to our sea shores, under the guise that the UN Patrol; the seas and keep the environment clean. The UN does not have a Navy, therefore Obama will give the UN the United States Navy. Our sovereignty will be gone forever, and the Congress and the Senate are doing nothing to stop this maniac from killing the United States of America.

The other thing that will go with giving our Navy to the UN will be that all the Third World Countries will be able to deep drill for oil off our coasts, we can’t but Obama and the Demo-Rat Traitors along with the Demo-RAT Senator Traitors and with the help of everyone of the Republicans who are with John McCain will vote for Obama destroying our Navy and our coast line. George Soros has invested heavily in the Third World oil drilling. The United States of America would by this deal with the UN will have to give them the aid and technologies how to drill for the oil. But the United States of America cannot drill for oil, by Obama writing  Presidential Mandate. He by passes Congress and the Senate, President have to much power.  Obama has troops on the ground in Uganda protecting the third Worlds oil fields owned by George Soros, and the News-Media did not inform the public of hi order, who knows how many more troops he is sending to Uganda to protect George Soros’s and Obama’s investment in the developing of the oil in Uganda. But the United States can not drill for oil and make money for this Country and we the people get a brake from Big Government so we can buy gas cheap.

The United States of America developed the oil fields in Alaska, and Clinton and Standard oil sold our oil to England, again hurting the people of the United States, I wonder how much money Clinton will get from British Petroleum for the rest of his life, money funneled through his Library and into his pocket. I’d be laughing all the time too if I were getting billions of dollars on the side that couldn’t be traced to my Library.

If we did drill for oil in our Country our President Traitors that we vote for would sell, them or in Obama case give them away, but be sure there would be a kick back that ran into the billions for them.

So now with the deal Obama is giving up our sea shores our Navy will now belong to the UN. Write your Congressmen and Senators to stop Obama from destroying the United States of America. The reason Traitors like John McCain voted with Deom-Rtas Traitors in the Senate for open Borders is also another way to kill the Sovereignty of the United States of America. Why do you think Obama, Clinton and the Muslims want to take away our right to own a gun. So the Government can taker over and the Muslims do not have to worry about people being able to defend themselves it will be easy for them to drag whole families into the streets and kill them by beheading them just as they are doing now in the Middle-East that the News -Media will not report on.

We amy soon  have to fight for our lives and our Freedom.