Obama. Kerry, Pelosi, Deom-RAT Party destropying our country

From Fred:

Anyone that has been watching the political situation in the USA must by now understand that we are in a fight for our sovereignty. The communist/Democrats have had decades to put a plan together to take over and succeed to the Global One World Governance. We also know that Obama & Kerry have been snooping around the mid east and Europe this past years stirring up the pot…getting the nut jobs to escalate the wars in the Mid East….the results of that are evident this past week.

The division is two fold, one is to garner more support from the Public for the wars so to take away from Trumps obvious lead in the Presidential polls.

However, most important is the diversion covers the Obama gang that are getting very close to being arrested and charged for their various crimes. And that’s not a small problem for them. They will continue to come up with some terrible plans to cover their backs….

Hillary is contemplating an offer from an Irish University as the Chancellor…..her real reason if she accepts the job, is that she won’t be in the USA and can slip out of Ireland to Russia or another embassy to gain sanctuary.

Let’s see how it all plays out in the next few weeks….

US embassy in Baghdad to the White House in 2011

Jan 3, 2020 9:00 am By Robert Spencer 11 Comments

This is what happens when you insist that Islam is a religion of peace and demonize and marginalize those who point out that it is not. In such cases, one’s blinkers will prevent one from noting or caring about the beliefs and goals of the people you’re dealing with, and you will end up taking enemies for friends.

“Barack Obama welcomed leader of US embassy attack to the White House: Iran’s ‘point man’ in Baghdad Hadi al-Amiri was hosted in the Oval Office in 2011 – eight years before he orchestrated siege in Iraq,” by Ross Ibbetson, Mailonline, January 2, 2020 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

The leader of an Iran-backed US embassy siege in Baghdad was welcomed to the White House by Barack Obama eight years ago before becoming Tehran’s ‘point man’ in Iraq.

Hadi al Amiri joined Iraq’s then-Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki as his Minister for Transport when he stood in the Oval Office in December 2011.

On Tuesday, he was leading the charge against the US embassy in Baghdad when it was stormed and set alight by pro-Iran militants. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo shared a photograph of Amiri amid the rioters, condemning him as an ‘Iranian proxy,’ and calling those shoulder-to-shoulder with him ‘terrorists.’

The head of a leading pro-Iran Shia faction, Amiri exerts great power within Iraq’s state-sanctioned Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) and was highlighted by Pompeo among three other men as the ringleaders of the siege.

The ease with which Amiri and these other commanders breezed through the heavily fortified ‘Green Zone’ has alarmed US officials, who have noted their militia’s increased presence around diplomatic buildings in recent weeks.

A former guerrilla fighter who fought for Tehran in the Iran-Iraq War, Amiri has been accused of terrorism against the US, of helping Iran to ship arms to Bashar al-Assad in Syria and has been pictured bowing before the Islamic Republic’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

As Commander of the Badr Corps, an Iranian vassal within the PMF, Amiri’s men helped the US in their fight against ISIS in 2014 and 2015. But a recent spate of missile attacks by the Kataeb Hezbollah branch of the PMF, climaxing last Friday with the death of an American contractor at US base north of Baghdad, has revealed that Washington’s friends in the region can soon become enemies.

President Donald Trump ordered USAF jets to decimate Kataeb Hezbollah bases and 25 were killed on Sunday night. Amiri joined thousands who flocked to funerals for the fighters in the Iraqi capital on Tuesday and then spearheaded the crowds who rushed through the Green Zone and breached the US embassy.

The 65-year-old, who was of ‘grave concern’ to lawmakers as Obama’s guest in 2011, stood at the forefront of riots which prompted Donald Trump to deploy 750 Army paratroopers on Wednesday, with another 4,000 on standby.

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki of Iraq and United States President Barack Obama (seated behind lamp) US President Barack Obama meets Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki of Iraq at the Oval Office on December 12, 2011. Hadi al Amiri is seen behind the sofa, wearing a blue tie….