Protect yourself First last and always

First of all I want to wish all my 90,000 readers a very happy Fourth of July.

Now to what happened in Seattle with antifa when they beat up a conservative news reporter just doing his job. This is the United States of America there should be no one in this country that has to be afraid of political parties they supported by the demo rats to attack we the people who have a right to express and to cover people’s opinions.

Antifa like all cowards attacked the people that they know for sure cannot or will not defend themselves against their attacks, which are really brutal, They didn’t care how bad they hurt you, punch you, use a club over your head, to knock you out or even kill you. They have the support of the demo rat mayor in Seattle Washington and also the whole police department when this rats, demo rats, told the police not to interfere and protect anyone just let Antifa people do their thing, hurt people destroy property whatever they want in the police department stood there and watched this guy get his ass kicked. The Police stood by and watched!!!

The police are supposed to protect the people of each city each state in each county wherever you are they’re not supposed to stand on the side and let people like Antifa or any other terrorist group sponsored by the US government and George Soros beat up people and destroy a city, who don’t support the views of the Left.

Now this is the solution people, so you don’t have to fear no one who’s coming to beat you up, in this country, for whatever your beliefs are expressly these homemade terrorist groups sponsored by the government the demo rat party and George Soros. It’s called the Second Amendment if you are attacked by anyone and you feel that your life is in danger you have the right to protect yourself, pull out your  pistol and pump three bullets in them to make sure that they die. That will stop Antifa.

But watch out because your going to have to defend yourself against the police who will not defend you, they are told to stand down and let you die and get beaten to death and nobody will come to your aid and nobody will pay the penalty for the damage they did to you and your body, or even cracked her skull and kill you. These homegrown terrorists sponsored by our government the Democrats and George Soros, sanctuary cities can do no wrong they will never be sent to jail for harming anyone, they will be patted on the back given  money in their pocket for doing what they did to people. They usually make sure that they can find somebody that  can’t defend themselves especially old people.

So make sure your armed when you have a right to say what you want to say and you can stop these homegrown terrorists from attacking you by shooting them down like the dogs and rats that they really are. Protect yourself first, protect your family first,  be “On Guard all the time”.


Cartoon - Dem Debate Question

Many feel Trump was the winner of the Democratic debates and that makes it even more reason to celebrate this 4th of July!