Romney the ultimate rat in the Senate

Did anybody watch that phony rat, trator, backstabber. Stab Pres. Trump in the back after Pres. Trump, who was a fool to bring his enemies into his side. Like the New Yorkers, say¬† keep your friends close or keep your enemies closer. That’s a lot of bull shit. The Mafia doesn’t say that the Mafia says kill your enemies destroy your enemies don’t give your enemies a break because they won’t give you will break. Just like Romney did to Trump this morning he stabbed him in the back like the rat that he really is.

Then he put on that tear jerking bull ship lie, like he cared and it hurt him to stab Trump in the back, that’s a lot of crap because he wanted to stab Trump in the back he doesn’t want Trump to be president he thinks he should of been the president. But he was told by the Bulderberg who sponsored him as president when he was running and winning against Obama,to cave in and give the election to Obama and he did it. Why he calls himself a Republican and why the people of Utah let this son of a pitch become a senator is beyond me. Romney is a Demo-RAT socialist/Communist like all the Demo-RATS!

It’s like that joke when the guy picks up a snake, a poisonous snake, puts him in his pocket takes him home nurses the’poisonous snake back to health and the snake bites him and kills him, and he says to the snake I took care of you I cured you and you bite me now going to die. And the snake says you know I was a snake why did you pick me up. That Is Mitt Romney, A real Snake!!!

Trump knew that Romney was a snake, he picked him up sponsored him to be the senator of Utah because this rat begged him like the rat, that he really is, now he turns around and he stabs our president in the back that should teach Trump a lesson destroy your enemies and don’t bring them anywhere near you

With all the power that Trump has he should destroy Pelosi, Nadler, Shifft, Schummer, Romney, AOC and every Demo-RAT that is against him. They are all dirty and have committed crimes against the USA selli9ng us out using their children as the conduit so they stay free.