I always knew that Mitt Romney is a Rat, working for the people that own him. The Demo-rat Party and the Bilderberg traitors trying to destroy this country, started by Rockefeller, to bad he died when he was a 100 something years old. Traitor!!. Rubio is picked by the Bilderberg to run for President and is another Obama, never worked a day in his life, and has a homo background from college. Just like Obama! All rats trying to destroy our country with the help of all the Demo-rats.
The Demo-rats were elected in and Nancy pelosi and Schumer are running things and nothing has gotten done. President Trump stands alone and fights for our country and we the people everyday and gets stabbed in the back by people like Mitt Romney and the Rhino REpublicans. We the people who are citizens of this country better back Trump 120 % or we loose our country. The Demo-rats have promised us that. No Freedom Highest taxes, no guns and no 1st amendment! Socialist/communist rule! The Demo-rats hate the white people, that’s why they want only people who are not White into this country and Muslims.