Should Trump put a tariff on Mexico?

You better believe Trump should put a  tariff on Mexico, and then some. Because Mexico was supposed to support us, and they never did, and help stop the illegal aliens from entering into this country, through Mexico, and he didn’t do it in fact they helped illegal aliens enter into this country. So, Mexico is not our friend, but our enemy, who only want our money in our jobs that belong in America and then they want to piss on us, and let the illegal aliens into this country and help them out all the way through their country feeding them giving them shelter giving them food given them anything they want to get into our country.

These illegal aliens do not belong in our country, they belong in their own countries, where they are useless, criminals, psychopaths, and people that don’t know the first thing about sanitation.

Yes Pres. Trump should really put a tariff on everything that sent from Mexico because the Mexican president, went out of his way, bypassed our vice president while our president was in London doing a good job over there for the United States, and the  president of Mexico conferred with, and I can’t believe this that  he is such an ignorant man, but he must know Nancy Pelosi better then anybody because she opened  her bottom drawer  that must be 3 feet deep that should be packed with money from Mexico to help them and not us. So yes Pres. Trump should do the tariffs, 5% one month 10% another month 15% another month and so on and so on and so one to get these Mexicans to stop illegal entry of their people and other people into our country through their country. I have two words for Mexico, that aren’t nice.