Stupid questions asked on the Internet

I was just on the Internet and I saw an advertisement that said should Trump immediately destroy Obama care. Basically that’s what it said. So yes, Trump should destroy Obama we gave to the Republican Party under the leadership of another rat Republican John Boehner, and then Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell was always in the Senate with the Republic.

We gave them 10 years to resolve the problem of Obama care, and they didn’t , I mean the Republicans when we voted to give them the house and the Senate and they promised us, now this is before Trump, that they would abolish Obama care. But their promises were nothing but bull shit, to get us to vote them into office so they could all continue stealing from us hand over fist. Selling us out to China or Russia everybody on the planet would give them money they took the money and sold our country out and did favors for them and try to destroy our country. But they never stopped Obama care.

The reason they didn’t stop Obama care is because the insurance companies owned them, you can you imagine how much money the insurance companies gave to the senators and congressmen to make sure that Obama care was passed. Remember Gorbachev’s communist useful idiot, Nancy Pelosi, who said first will sign it and then will read it.

And then some Negro clown congressmen was asked why did you read it. And he says ain’tĀ  my job man to read that stuff. Brilliant answer, what did he care or anybody else can they were working for their Negro god Obama. And Obama was sent here to destroy the United States. by Communist Party USA and the Bildeburgs. Remember when he said we have the greatest country in the world and I’m going to change to something else and he did. And guess who went right along with him. All the Republicans and all the Democrats. And the fake news media went right along with them and the American public, stupid, said will what could we do? Plenty, mail letters of disagreement to every senator and congressmen that you make sure you don’t vote for the same rats in the next election. That’s how we got Pres. Trump because he wasn’t one of the club that wants to destroy America.

Trump is the only president in the history of this country that said he was going to create jobs and by God he created jobs. The rest of the rats promised jobs and the jobs kept leaving the country. Because our great representatives and ex-presidents and vice presidents made deals with China to Ukraine, Russia, North Korea, ( who gave 5 billion dollars for North Korea and gave them the Nuclear plants and techknowledge to build atom bombs and worse. I wonder ho much of that 5 billion dollars was givenĀ  back to him) and everyone else to manufacture goods and other things outside the United States of America. You know how, much money do these people need with their selling of their influence so that these countries could prosper and we could go down to tube. Millions of dollars. Look at Joe Biden& Kerry (partners in crime) their two sons combined making deals with China, Russia, Ukraine, of the Middle East for their parents influence they get paid billions of dollars a year.

These people are traitors. And should be treated as such for selling us out to other countries. And because they all hold secrets even after out of the office about what goes on in this country they are still pedaling those secrets to anybody that wants to buy them. They are no longer in the employee of the government of the United States of America they are civilians and they should not have any sort of power with the secrets of the United States of America.

The Clintons are still selling us out with secrets. I got news for you, those people are so greedy it’s unbelievable the greed. And so are the rest of them, including the great Bush New World order family.
They all work for themselves and not our country or we the people. The only person that is working for our country and for the people is Pres. Trump and he is surrounded by enemies and stands alone fighting our fight against rats that we voted for that will not support him. Like Mitt the rat Romney.

And we should never vote for a Muslim to become a senator or congressman. This is a Christian country not a Muslim country as Obama wants to make it.

Be ready to act like the Minutemen of old to take back our country from the traitors who pretend to be our friends but yet work together ( Demo-rats & Republicans) to make sure the people United States have nothing in their pockets that we will have to depend on the government for a handout of food or anything else. Not me.

I would rather see Civil War where we oust illegal aliens and Muslims, these are the people that Obama wants and the politicians want to destroy our country the Democrats don’t care all they want to do is make sure that these people are Democrats even though they’ll change this country into some horrible thing that they left and if sharia law works okay for Muslims to commit legal murder for anything they deem is a crime, and if you don’t join the religion they chop your head off. And the Mexicans, the illegal Mexicans they can’t wait to take over and turn the United States into Mexico with drug cartels murder people every day in the streets hundreds of thousands of people are murdered in Mexico that’s what nice people they are south of the border. They are not nice their scum of the earth cold-blooded killers not the poor Mexicans that are so humble and are walking around with their hands begging like you see in the movies these people are the worst kind of people that a country could breed. and we don’t need them!!!