the census

The Census that is taken every year tells the Government how many people live where. Now I was thinking…

It is to the advantage of the Democrat traitor party in the sanctuary cities that they want all the illegal aliens and whoever else is illegal to code to the sanctuary cities and when they take a census everybody is counted. The traitor party, the demo rats, all want the sanctuary cities to be supported with our tax dollars. In they are willing to take in every illegal alien that crosses our border. It is not because the traitors that are the demo rat party are sympathetic to anyone.

They are only sympathetic to themselves and they only work for themselves for the destruction of the United states of America. If the census in the sanctuary cities call for a another congressmen because of the population the demo rat party will seize this and use it to get their traitors voted to Congress so that they can control the United states of America.

The traitors who are the demo rats are the most evil sneaky corrupt people in the United states of America. Nancy Pelosi is hell-bent along with every demo rat that is a congressmen or a senator to destroy the United States. But we the people are the government we the people should demand that there are term limits to everyone that is elected just like the demo rat party and the Republican Party including all the rhinos didn’t want a president to serve more than 2 terms because they were afraid that he would become to powerful. This also proves, that the traitors that have been in the Congress and the Senate for more than two terms have become too powerful that they override everybody’s decision including we voters. Their object for the last hundred years has been to destroy the United States of America and they have worked every day for our destruction as a sovereign nation. They all became rich and like Nancy Pelosi superrich, Dianne Feinstein super rich billionaire. Chuck Schumer rat socialist superrich. They don’t think they are citizens of the United States of America anymore they think they are rulers of the world. They care nothing about the people of the country, they only care about themselves and how much money and how much power they have. And if they take away our guns they will kill at least five 6 million people in a month who they know will stand up against their rule.

So now remember keep your guns handy keep ammunition fight the traitors the demo rat party, and rat rhinos like Mitt Romney and the Republican Party. Only president Trump is for we the people. What is going to happen to us after Pres. Trump can’t run for another four years. We will have to have a Civil War and be sure to take our country back. Like Thomas Jefferson said “”The tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of tyrants and patriots.” means that if liberty is to exist, there will forever be a struggle of free people with the forces of tyranny.” This is exactly what we have now and in the future facings us. Believe me there is no doubt that the traitor demo rat and rhino Republican party would use the gangs, who they all love, to bring lawlessness into our country as soon as they took our guns away and turned the Muslims Loose and would be happy to see most of the American citizens that are white die. Because they fear us the most, because we know what is right and wrong for we ourselves and our country. In that is our freedom, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and the Second Amendment to keep was free from people like the traitors that run the demo rat communist party under the command of Nancy the traitor Pelosi, and the rest of her ilk.

That is why they want sanctuary cities!