There are more then one law in our country

It seems to me as I look around and watch the world go by. And I see the demo rats with a kangaroo court trying to destroy Pres. Trump. I get the feeling that there are different laws, for different types of people

For the demo rat politicians there is a law that neither they or the people that they sponsor or like can commit any crime they want and never go to jail. To me Joe Biden and his son and Obama and all of Obama’s regime and they’re still doing it as far as I’m concerned committed treason against our country. Joe Biden, through his son, gave the Ukraine, all the secrets of the United States of America for money you can see how much money that he and his son and also you can forget the Karry family because they were in on it to from the very beginning. Joe Biden his family, John Kerry, superrich Heinz family uses stepson along with Biden son to make a false company so that they could both prosper from it, making money and laundering it hand over fist into their accounts in her foundations.

Look at how many times John Kerry went to Iran and tried to act like he was the government when they were complaining about all the restrictions that Pres. Trump was putting on them. He did it for money just like his boss Obama. Obama did everything for money. Just like the Clinton”s they did everything for money. That’s why today they’re all billionaires not because they worked for the money but because they committed treason against the United States of America and got away with. But they are Demo-rats free to do anything they want. As long as they’re making money it’s fine. Hillary Clinton, Obama had Amb. Stevens murdered what did they do, they went the bed, so they say. Because Obama and Hillary Clinton had set up a deal with the Muslims to sell them arms to kill our soldiers simple. But again demo rats free to do anything.

Foreigners coming into this country illegal alien coming into this country have different laws than we the people do. Illegal aliens commit crimes murder rape you name it they done it they get a slap on the wrist they don’t get convicted of any crimes they get sent back to where they came from and their told you could come back in a couple months let things cool down you commit another crime.

Now those are demo rat pets you might see the new slaves for the Democrat party so they vote for them. The demo rat party love criminals, crime, chaos so that they think they can control the people and take away our guns the real enemy who is the demo rat party in a lot of Rino Republicans, the news media, super rich rats like Bloomberg, the bilderberg, run by and created by the Rockefellers want to see our country destroyed. Jimmy Carter the great rat traitor sold the Panama Canal to China that was fighting he could do was demo rat. Don’t forget the newe Traitor Rat Republican in name only,that joined the Demo-rats Mitt Romney.

Now we the people, there’s a different law for us, if we commit any crime, we are citizens of the United States of America, we are immediately punished by the Gestapo, which is the IRS, the police and everybody else, and there’s no breaks for us there only breaks for, the politicians, the Muslims, the illegal aliens, the career criminals and the demo rat party.

The crime their committee now was there trying to be like a banana republic in the running a kangaroo court against Pres. Trump was done nothing wrong, but yet they want to make it seem like he did something wrong, has and they refused to allow the the Republican Party to bring in or ask for witnesses of their own. Shift is a real rank piece of garbage he something that you are embarrassed of the few step on it and you have to clean your shoes. And he acts like he’s the king and he’s running the United States of America, but he’s also got the help of the fake new that are all owned by foreigners and no Americans own any of our American newspapers. They all want to see our country fail they all want to see Pres. Trump fail and we the people better back Pres. Trump 120% and make sure that the demo rats are voted out or go to our Bibles and our guns and take back our country by force. Because the demo rat party in the Rino Republicans that have been in for 20/30/40 years seem to think that they run the country and we the people are just stupid and we have to do what they say. We don’t matter it’s what they want matters, the destruction of the United States of America. TERM LIMITS!

And watch out for the Muslims because they’re coming up now they’re getting ready to be voted in, because they’ve taken over whole communities and whole sections of the United States of America where they’re going to get their voters to vote for them, all Muslim and are going to try to change our country from a Christian country into a country that serves Islam and this sharia law. Not the Constitution of the United States not the Bill of Rights of the United States nothing of the United States of America. Never give up your guns because were going to need a to  take back our country. Let’s pray that the military will side with we the people because our government is then taken over by radicals and tyrants that want to destroy our country and everything in it for themselves. That’s why they gave our Armed Forces to the UN they don’t fight for the United States any more they fight for the UN in no-win wars. 90% of all the men and women that have been killed from World War I to now have been white. What is that tell you about our government our enemy, the true enemy in the enemy of the world. 500 people want to run the world and George Soros is the KIng.