They are the same, All Traitors!!!

Well ladies and gentlemen, all the things that Hannity puts out, and Laura Ingram put out about how our laws were broken and by whom. None of these people that are in the government the FBI, the DOJ, etc. etc. Right down the line, none of these people will ever come to trial, none of these people will ever be indicted for any reason. Even though they committed treason by trying to overthrow the elected president by we the people of the United States of America, Donald Trump.

The new FBI chief, Mr.Wray has been has been good friends with Comay and all the other FBI people in the higher echelon that tried to overthrow the government. So Mr. Ware will never do anything to convict Comay, and the others. Their lives are tied together as they all climbed the ladder in the FBI, they worked with each other for years they go out together, families meet together, they have parties together, their friends and their in the same loop as all of them are who were appointed by Obama to commit treason and try to overthrow the United States of America. By trying to destroy Pres. Donald Trump who was elected by the people of the United States of America.

Politicians, senators, congressmen even though they appear to be enemies to each other in front of the TV cameras in the public. They are not in they are all close friends they go to parties together, and at these parties, Joe Biden tells all his buddies how he feels up all the females that he comes in contact with and they can’t do anything to him and they all have a good laugh and pat each other on the the back. Their families meet together,they played golf together, they do everything together They travel the world together. They even scheme how to pass laws for each other so they could commit any crime they want get away with it. So don’t kid yourself they’re all out there to become more rich,than what they are and they pass laws to make themselves more rich while they make us poor.

They get elected to Congress and the Senate, and they don’t get elected to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, they get elected to push their ideas on how we should live and the things that they don’t like they want to change.

Let’s say some goof gets elected to Congress and he doesn’t like big cars and he doesn’t like big engines, he likes small cars with tiny engines. He will push to make laws that we the people have to drive the kind of cars that he likes. Not the big cars that we like, no matter what but what he likes. He makes billions of dollars with the car companies to manufacture these cars that the people don’t want because it’s a bundle millions and millions of dollars on these people to pass laws for them that screw we the people out of our money. And they get paid very well from all of these big company both demo rats and traitor Republicans. Their “Perks could support 100 families to live in the lap of Luxury. How would you like to play golf all at cost to us of 280,000.00. How about Nancy pelosi who has a bar bill of 280,000.00 a year not counting flowers that cost us 180,000.00 a year.

They play good guy bad guy, the demo rats are the bad guy, the Republicans are supposed to be a good guys,, but there are the same there is no difference between congressmen and senators of any party because they are all after the same thing. To destroy the United States of America turn us over to the UN become one world bull shit, where there is a regional government, like Europe has now, where five people sit with the book of maybe 10 15,000 pages of rules of what the people can do and what they can’t do and what they can say in what they can’t say. Then there is the point at what age do stop giving people Medicare and that’s coming. Ezekiel Emanuel, the psychopath brain teaches college, and teaches that when a person becomes a certain age they are no longer necessary to be in the society. They no longer have a right to medical attention and be allowed to live past a certain age. And that, my friends, is is in Obama killer care that the Republican senators and congressmen along with the Democrats will not change Obama killer care. Because they are all owned by all the insurance companies who gave in millions and millions of dollars to help pass this law and they changed all of their computers to satisfy Obama killer care and make money hand over fist.

In Europe with their regional government, babies, and this is one Ezekiel Emanuel’s idea, that’s in Obama killer care that he wrote himself, that no child should get medical attention from birth till their 10 years old. If a child gets sick, as we saw, when the couple from England wanted to bring their baby to the United States to be taken care of. The regional government, socialism and communism, would not allow that couple to take their baby to the United States for better care. That baby died. Because the regional government would not allow it. Henceforth no child from birth to 10 years old will get healthcare or be taken care of they will let to die Europeans are the biggest goofs in the world to allow this to happen to themselves, but they all voted for it because they thought there’s something in there that’s going to be for free. Forget about it,nothing in this world is free. You pay one way or another.

So all this chaos that were having in the United States and problems are brought to us by the same goofs that we elected as senators and congressmen to protect us they are destroying us. We need term limits for everybody. The president has term limits, congressmen and senators should have turned limits, and the bureaucracy people should only be hired for five years because when they get  big they create a  lot of trouble because the stupid Congress gave them all the power they want to create their own laws against the United States of America,  help them in their stealing money hand over fist.

The greatest theft that the senators and congressmen passed was that they have to spend every tax dollar that comes in a year from we the people all the tax billions and billions trillions of dollars. What did they do, they waste the money they give it to themselves, they give it to their friends, they have phony corporations and construction companies and they just paid each other all and get richer and more rich every day.

Instead of giving us back our hard-earned tax dollars when the government has enough they don’t. Politicians never have enough money they suck this country dry like vampires. And we the stupid voters, vote them in all the time. November comes vote them all out put in new people. Donald Trump is going to have a tough time because the Democrats and the Traitor Republicans like Mitt Romney have already figured out how to steal the votes. By giving voter IDs to every illegal alien that is in this country with the promise of free money,  free health,  free everything and this is all going on in the big Democratic cities all over the United States of America look to Chicago if you want to really see how to cheat. Socialism/ Communism.

It was the news media during Trump second year that convinced everybody including Fox News that the demo rats should be elected because that’s always what happens the Democrats get elected second time in and they caused all kinda trouble for next to three years. And that’s exactly what they’ve done and are doing their goal is to destroy this country and all the white people in, because they hate the white people
because they’re not easily controlled like the people of color a different race. They want to destroy the white race and make a new race for the United States like they haven’t Brazil called Mulattos! Easy to control, the Kennedy Doctrine. Demo-RAT!