This is what the Demo-rat Party is promising

This is what the Demo-rat party is promising

Canadian Health Care Refused to Pay for Disabled Father’s Care, but Happily Paid for His Assisted Suicide

This what the Demo-rat party is promising the people of the United States of America if we vote for Sander’s communist socialist socialism Government. And this is what all the Democ-ats want us to do to when you vote for them for any office including president. Do you remember when Sanders was telling everybody how great Canada’s healthcare system is, since the government is in charge of it and they live in a socialist society.

The truth is most of the people from Canada that are ill come to the United States of America for treatment. This poor guy in this article, their health care system wouldn’t help him so he could stay alive and help his family and help himself. But they did help them commit suicide.

Socialism doesn’t care about the individual, socialism is for the rich, they are the only ones that receive anything when they want it.  The people are like cattle, a regional government will decide whether you live or die. A regional government maybe three people sitting in the basement somewhere 10 people sitting in the basement somewhere and they have a huge book that is going to tell you who live and was going to die.Most people will die, 90%, just to get rid of you,  room for then Elite Politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders, by the way is worth a Billion dollars, I don’t see him sharing his money with students or anyone else.But he wants we the people to give up our lives and money for everyone but take care of us and our families.Socialism!!!

In England they have the same thing, remember a couple years ago they had little baby the parents wanted to bring the baby to the United States of America for treatment,  he would live,but the socialist healthcare department decided they would not let that baby out of England And that child died.

This is what Bernie Sanders and the socialist Demo-rats are promising the people of the United States of America. There will be no healthcare for the people. There will only be health care for the big-time politicians and the super rich people. We the regular people will be allowed to die for them because it might cost too much money. In the meantime the socialist government will take 90% of your pay and give you back spit. You’ll have to beg for anything like a dog. There won’t be stores around anymore there be one big government store that will sell everything, for every 10,000 people and if they don’t have it your out of luck. The hospitals will be filled with doctors that are not qualified so if you get in to see a doctor and you might need an operation will he might chop you open kill you right on the operating table and say oh well what are going to do bring in another one.

A vote for a Demo-rat, socialist communist like Bernie Sanders who is an agent for the Russian government and all the demo rats are right behind them including, remember this, Gorbachev’s useful idiot Nancy Pelosi who was the communist leader of 87 congressmen until she became the speaker the house and then turned that job over to her communist friend and socialist Bernie Sanders. You could look them up on the Internet and see who these 87 congressmen are, I did. So anyway Facebook, Google, stupid college students that think they’re going to get something for nothing and brainwashed by the professions of hate that Obama hired for all the colleges when he was in office to destroy our country  will vote for socialism. Then there are all the illegal aliens and Muslims that the demo rats are counting on the vote for the Democ-ats to be in office and they will destroy the United States in the people of the United States immediately, starting with the white population.

Our government, are enemy hasn’t been able to kill off enough white guys from the Korean War on in all the UN wars that we are not supposed to win but we are supposed to contribute 10,000 soldiers to one that’ll die for the UN but not for the United States of America, remember that. Our soldiers do not die for the United States of America to keep us safe they die for the UN and our government is helping the enemy kill our young men. 90% are white. Look it up I did.

If this happens that the demo rat party take over it is time for a Civil War. It is time to take our Bibles in our guns and we march on Washington and take back our country by force.

Read this article and see what you have coming for yourself if you vote for a demo rat socialist communist, and everyone on that stage that is a Demo-rat is a communist socialist rat that want to destroy our country

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The well-known platitude “but for the grace of God go I” played in my brain while reading the tragic story of a disabled Canadian father who chose to end his own life, leaving behind an 11-year-old son. It would be easy to judge Sean Tagert, who was diagnosed with ALS six years ago. Do I believe he made the wrong choice? Sure. But I wasn’t the one who was struggling to pay for my health care after losing my ability to breathe on my own or feed myself. I’m not the one living under Canada’s health care system that was more than happy to pay for my suicide but not the care I needed. So, yes, I disagree with Tagert’s “choice” and mourn the loss of his life, but I blame Canada and their “touted” socialized medicine.

According to a story published by CBC, Tagert died on Tuesday, August 6. A Facebook post linked to in the article provides the sad details that led to his decision:

Sean was diagnosed with ALS in March 2013. For years he endured the steady deterioration of his abilities, until suffering cardiac arrest in late Oct. 2017. He was resuscitated and placed on a ventilator, and lived since then on life support, completely immobile, communicating only via an eye-tracking computer setup. Finally, with his health rapidly deteriorating, Sean opted for a medically assisted death.

The post goes on to point the finger in the direction of the government and the mandated health care:

Ensuring consistent care was a constant struggle and source of stressfor Sean as a patient. While he succeeded, with the help of many, in piecing together a suitable care facility in his own home (including an expensive saliva-suction machine, needed to prevent him from choking, obtained with the help of donations raised online), gaining the 24-hour care he required was extremely difficult, especially as the provincial government refused to fully fund home care. The few institutional options on hand, Sean pointed out, would have offered vastly inferior care while separating him from his family, and likely would have hastened his death. We would ask, on Sean’s behalf, that the government recognize the serious problems in its treatment of ALS patients and their families, and find real solutions for those already suffering unimaginably.

According to CBC:

Vancouver Coastal Health offered him 15.5 hours of home care under the Choice in Supports for Independent Living program but not the 24-hour care he needed. Tagert was later offered as much as 20 hours per day, which his doctor said was still not enough. Relocation was not an option as that would have taken him away from his son, of whom he had partial custody.

A single-payer health care system will always sink to the lowest common denominator, removing choice. If death is more efficient for the system, than death it will be. And that’s on top of the gaps in medical care that those with socialized medicine suffer. Instead of finding ways to serve Tagert and his son, the Canadian health care system found it more convenient to kill him. Now a young boy has lost his father sooner than necessary. This is the medical future promised by the Democrats.