Traitors telling Iran to attack our Embassy


The other day I read on the Internet and it showed a picture of the ugly pig traitor, socialist communist demo rat, Nancy Pelosi, saying that she wasn’t notified that Trump was going to attack Iran.

First of all Kerry’s  been in Iran cutting  money deals for him and Pelosi and Obama, for over two weeks before the attack on the embassy, Nancy Pelosi went there a week before the attack on the American Embassy and you have to assume that these two traitors to the United States of America, still working for the greatest traitor in the history the United States of America Barack Hussein Obama, who said “when push comes to shove I am for the Muslims.”
Anyway Pelosi and Kerry and some of the Democrat party that were There in Iran,. set up a deal for a Iran to attack the American Embassy and try to make Trump look bad.

But the point is the people fooled, Kerry and Pelosi, they praise Trump and I praise Trump for attacking he ran if it was me as president nonwhite them right off the map get rid of them now. And Who is Pelosi anyway that the president of the United States has to tell her what he’s going to do she is nothing!

And aside from everything it was Jimmy Carter who destroyed the Western civilization and he ran were women were getting educated walked around the normal Western close men behave themselves and Jimmy Carter said, when the CIA ousted the Shaw the Iran, when the poor guy was looking for somebody to take care of them who had help the United States every we could. Jimmy Carter said fuck the Shaw of Iran. And Carter brought in the Iman that was in France, and turned it country backwards 700 years. Carter was the first traitor to the United States of America as a president, Obama is the second greatest traitor to the United States of America along with every demo rat that is in the United States. All for big bucks oil money and the start of Islam taking over the world.