We Need the Tea Party back in Action!!!


The Internet is full of articles about what Trump is going to do with gun control, gun control, gun control.

Gun control will not stop mass murders,will not stop any murder, the only thing gun control does is give the criminals the edge over the people with the government wants to confiscate their weapons from. If everyone in the USA was allowed to carry a gun there would be no crime.

If there’s to be real gun control, control the criminals that we have in the United States.!!!

That’s gun control. But the Demo-rats don’t want that because they love criminals, they love crime, they love chaos, they love making the people crazy trying to take away their guns. Which is our God given right to own and protect ourselves from our number one enemy, the demo rat party and the trader Republicans, and our government itself. And the Criminals they all support.

The main reason that we have the Second Amendment, is because people like Thomas Jefferson, Adams and all the people that signed our Constitution is to protect us from the government we have today running our country and encouraging criminals to commit murder, criminals to come into this country and commit murder, criminals that can do whatever they want, illegal aliens commit murder in this country, the demo rats passed laws that slap them on the wrists,send them back to Mexico, they come back to the USA  a commit more murders.

Control the criminals, not guns, and we must control the traitors that are our congressmen and our senators. They need more control than anybody. Because they are out of control trying to take away our guns, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our God given right that we can protect ourselves and our families with modern-day weapons that no one can take from us. God never said lay down and let the your enemy our Government and the criminals they sponsor kill you!!

The every day American, honest guys like you and me and honest women, that’s the people that the government wants to hurt. The people they want to reward are the killers, illegal aliens that are killers, Muslims that are dieing to break loose and kill all the Jews and Christians, there was never really bad gang problems until we start letting in all the Latinos, including our citizens that are Puerto Ricans who started the Latin Kings, murder and drug cartel. Ask congressmen Gutierrez, a terrorists who is a high-ranking Latin King member in the city Chicago. No one can walk through the Humboldt Park area were the Latin Kings are incontrol and come out alive.

Same thing with the Negro Gangs being on the south side that are all drug dealers and they all split the money with City Hall who make laws to protect them. Then City Hall tells the police to look the other way.

So,we will keep our guns and our Bible, and we the people will protect each other and we the people were protect ourselves from the tyrants that want to destroy us. Which is our enemy, everyone that’s in the federal government..

The only Savior that we the people have, is president Donald J. Trump!!!
As I see things that are being pushed on we the people that only want peace, job, a decent wage to raise our families, what the demo rat party and Traitor¬† Republicans don’t want us to have peace or tranquility or freedom. So keep your guns, by more ammo, and where the hell is the tea party people to run against the rotten sons-of – bitches, demo rats that have taken over our country.

We need an “All American Party”that is only for the USA!!! That was supposed to take over the Republican And Demo-rat Party and make our country FREE!!!