Who is the real killer of children by decree?

I ask who is the real killer of children by decree….King Barrack Hussein Obama. The worst hypocrite in the history of the United States of America!  Obama and his Hench-men, from the Vice President right on down to the lowest Bureaucracy to the Supreme Court who made abortion law and made everyone in the United States all guilty of helping Obama murder at least 1 million innocent babies, or more, aborted and murdered by partial birth when the doctor, who has to be a monster,  puts a electric drill into that babies head and push it in to that child’s brain and cold bloodily murders that child . And the mother should be tried for murder along with the abortion doctor. Where is  the government controlled news-media to call for new laws to stop this mass murder, where is the Congress and Senate to be up in arms and want new laws to stop government controlled murder, where is  Obama to pass laws to stop his murders and surround himself in front of National TV with mothers holding their babies in their arms to stop Obama’s killing of children? Where is the Supreme Court who should judge every law by the Constitution but judges by previous cases on the books. The Supreme Court in Obama’s pocket or that other killer of mankind George Sorros who helped  kill his fellow Jews during WWII.  Where is that great law firm, ACLU, that is supported by the tax payers of USA to cry out for these children’s  lives, they are no where to be found it is unconstitutional to kill these babies? These rats are to busy pushing for a Country with no Religion, except a pagan religion called the U.S., Federal Government, or Islam. The most corrupt sitting Government in our history, working against the free people of the United States of America.

The White House is going to stifle the police report from the Connecticut murders and someone  with a sense  of honor is going to expose Obama and his Regime and connect them to this crime.

Obama faked what the news-media called a tear in his eye for the poor innocent children that were murder in Connecticut. This guy is so heart less and in love with himself that he couldn’t and doesn’t have real feelings for anyone, only himself. Obama more then likely, ejaculated semen when he heard of this tragedy  of these children and couldn’t believe that this murder would fall into his lap  to take away every gun of law abiding citizen in our country. And I believe that somewhere in that murder of these poor little children that Obama had some thing to do with it. Remember on Tuesdays  he has conferences about who he should have murdered,  and one of his brains, or some think tank  thought up the Connecticut murders to support Obama’s agenda,  taking away our guns, so that we cannot defend ours against King Obama and his Regime of killers. Obama and his Regime have always and with a cold heart did and do anything to get his way, “The end justifies the means” in other words that if this massacre of these children  works for his wanting to take away our weapons to defend ourselves with, fine go for it. and that is exactly what kind of a real Monster Obama is. His children are protected 24/7 by armed guards that have automatic weapons. But our children don’t need this kind of protection, they are meaning less compared to King Obama and his children. Obama’s  life, not ours is more important, he signed into l,aw that he and his family would be guarded for the rest of their lives and we are going to pay for it.  But we can’t defend our lives or our children’s lives because we and our children are not as important then the Elite Politicians and there lives and their families, only us, the dummies of the United States of America.  Here is a monster who is destroying the USA with the help of every Demo-rat in and Rhino Republican the Country and that takes in all the States and cities and counties in this country. And They are doing a good job , because of the “bust outs” who want free hand out, willing to become slaves to the Communist Government and King Obama,  voted for this killer to be back in office. Not for what he stands for, No freedom, starvation, murder, seniors citizens to die first so Obama can save money on health care that the carbon foot of Government gave us and now is going to kill us to solve the problem, murder by proclamation in the form of a tax making Obama care a Constitutional law for adult and senior citizens murder by law, and people with heart trouble and cancer and this destruction of the USA to be a Third World Country, where it’s people are slaughtered by the million. keep the people ignorant, no education putting one group of people in favor and the White people have to be killed for the Obama Regime and the Demo-rat and Rhino Republicans to be able to rule this Country with an Iron Fist. Then let the slaughter of the people began just like in all the Third World Countries, because they cannot not defend themselves against their own Government. And Obama and Clinton supply all these Dictators and Muslims with money and guns to kill their own people. Obama and Clinton working with and for the UN to attack Arizona, and take away our right to freedom.

Obama is a stone killer of children and mankind, and he wants us to go unarmed and live in gun free zones where the killers always  go because they know that no one is armed and they can kill all they want and no one will stop them. In  an editorial I read today, “Control politicians, not guns”, the writer quotes what Pravda wrote about guns, and this is what Obama, Biden and the rest of his Communist Regime intend to do, “The Bolsheviks seized Moscow in 1917, they promised to leave alone the well-armed citizens if they did not interfere with the Communist take over. They did not and for that they were  asked afterward to come register themselves and their weapons  whereupon all these people who registered  their guns were promptly shot and killed. That is what Obama and this Communist Government is all about death to children and people in general and destruction. It has been said that the killer who killed all these children was found in that room with two pistols in hands and  the AR was still in the trunk of his car. Also it was said that there were two men running from the school. The police report is still not in. And Obama using this tragedy  against  guns, Obama cares little for the children who died. Notice he surrounds himself with children when he signed the gun control bill, as nice bit of propaganda to pass gun laws that won’t stop any killings  for us but for him or his Regime. Obama and his Regime is supplying with guns and bullets by the thousands to the Bureaucracies to attack us …we the Free People of the United States of America, don’t give up your guns and don’t register them  to anyone not even your State or City or County.
The Communist Demo-rats and Rhino Republicans run States Government too.






your gun.