Your Right to own a weapon!

Seeing what is going on, the chaos in the demo rat cities where black lives matter, a terrorist group created by Obama, ANTIFA another terrorist group created by Obama during his administration. They are tearing our cities apart, they are destroying our cities with the help of demo rat mayors and governors. All Democrats, and left-wingers.

Now, if you want to protect yourself from these people who might want to attack you or come to your neighborhood and cause trouble  you have every right to pick up your pistol, your rifle, your shotgun and defend your home and your life against these terrorists that are turned loose in our cities and states by the demo rat party that runs Washington.

There have been occasions like in New Orleans when they had the Katrina blew through there and destroyed everything and the mayor that town of that city rather ,confiscated all the guns from the people. The governor of the Virgin Islands did the same thing when there’s going to be a hurricane. They broke the law, government cannot come in and take your gun from you whenever they feel like. State governments and city government and federal government.

The Second Amendment was written especially to protect the people from the government who want to take away your freedom and your right to defend yourself and your family and your home, from the crooks from terrorist organizations like black lives matter, were black lives really don’t matter to them all and terrorists like ANTFA who the government created along with black lives matter and they are allowed to commit any crime they want to commit in any city in any time they want. And the go free and never have to answer for their crimes,  Funded by George Soros through the federal government the Democrats giving Soros billions of dollars to his phony corporations to destroy our country. We have more enemies in our country that run our government and nongovernment organizations that are funded by our government, like the UN and others who are trying to destroy our country. The Bilderbergs created by David Rockefeller, and is run by the richest corporations in the world and the richest politicians in the world belong to that and they are all trying to wreck this country, why I don’t know.

That is why it is so important to the freedom of we the people that no one is allowed to confiscate our weapons. It is in the Second Amendment. Now, where is the Supreme Court to defend the people’s right to the Second Amendment and stop the mayors and governors especially, the Democrats and all gun haters like Bloomberg, to confiscate your weapon. They cannot they are breaking the law not you the law says you have a right to defend your life your family and your home against anyone who threatens. And that includes City, county and State Governments Especially by those brainwashed demo- rats against guns and not the criminals who  commit crimes but we the people so the crooks can do whatever they want, and others who run the cities. The demo rats can only attack we the citizens of the United States don’t commit crime who follow the law and try to live peacefully as we can. But because of demo rats and traitor Republicans who hate guns. They all hate we the people, they are our enemy. Don’t donate no money to any these people to run for office. Their perks that run into the millions of dollars free trips to Europe for their families we pay. Golf outings that may cost $280,000 and that’s been proven. And $47,000 luncheons for friends and family all on our dime so why should we give these people any of our money they’re trying to destroy us so why help them use their own money they have more than will oversee and they don’t work for they sell us out for and they give themselves millions and millions of dollars free for everything they want to do with their families and friends. No wonder they want to stay in office for the rest of their lives. While you work and I work like dogs just to make a living have a roof over our heads maybe see our kids try to go to school try to live a decent life and we have nothing to show for it but hard work. While these Republicans and Democrats senators and congressmen live like kings and queens of the world. And they push us around like were dogs. They created all this chaos that were having today not the president not the vice president but the demo rat party and Republican traders like Mitt Romney created this chaos and funded this chaos and wanted to keep going and going and going and they don’t want to stop. They try to make Trump look bad but to me Trump is our Savior.

If these people that are rioting and causing chaos if they don’t like the United States of America and our freedom, get the hell out!