We support, Hugo Chavez Communist

Citgo Gas….

It amazes me that people in the United States¬† are still buying gas from Citgo Gas Stations. Hugo Chavez is an enemy of the United States of America and is a friend to Obama along with Castro the Communist Dictator of Cuba and LuLu from Brazil. A real quickie on the news the other day, I think it was a four second news item and never heard from again and today is 6/13/11, that Chavez the Dictator of Venezuela and a Communist is going to allow Iran to put up inter-contannatal¬†missile sites in his Country to be pointed at, where else…the United States of America. As I have said over and over the Presidents and their Cabinets and all Government Bureaucracies and our Congress and Senate help the enemy. Not only is Chavez making money hand over fist selling his gas to us but also from his Gas Stations. Chavez also has a book out, that is strictly Marxists in our Colleges that the students are forced to buy, and their are thousands of students forced to buy this book by the Professors of hate the United States of America and he makes millions of more American dollars to use against us every semester.

We do support our enemies, when will the rest of the people in the United States wake up and start boycotting them. Chavez laughs at we Americans and claims we are stupid. Chavez is right, we should show Chavez that we are not stupid and not buy gas from any of his Citgo gas stations, that’s easy, you need gas go a couple more feet or miles and by gas from someone else. Then we will see if Chavez still thinks we Americans are stupid. And where is his friend Obama to stop Chavez from putting inter-continental ballistic missile with atomic war heads pointing at the United States. Obama is campaigning all over the Country preaching class hatred and promising all the rich people, who he is against they willnot have to pay any tax, also remember Obama is a billionaire a couple times over he’s rich and so are all our Congressmen and Senators. So what if Iran can shoot off a few atomic bombs at say New York City, how about Chicago, maybe New Orleans, or for that matter any small town or city they want. Obama, Chavez working hand in glove with our enemies. Guess how Iran got all these secrets about making missiles and atom bombs, who else but all our Presidents, they gave these secrets to Russia first, while Roosevelt was President, who claimed that there was nothing wrong with being a Communist, Robert Oppenheimer was said to be a Communist agent and gave the secrets to Russia. Oppenheimer was married to Katherine Puening Harrison who belonged to the Communist Party.

Let’s skip the rest of the Presidents, because they all went out of their way to make Russia and China the powers they are today with their swords in their hands ready to help kill the United States. All the President gave away our secrets to these Countries and they gave them to their Allies, Iran, North Korea, and who ever was against the the United States. That is how Iran is going to put up these missiles in Venezuela. It’s all there for you to read. Never give up your Guns! And boycott Citgo!!! If Chavez gets no money from us he will have to fold all his gas stations inh the United States and then let’s see how he laughs at us.