This is what I Think…


This is what I think that the Demo-RATSI really also trying to do is kill time, they have nothing against Trump and are wasting time, it’s like throwing  human excretion into a fan and see what hits the wall and sticks; so far nothing sticks it’s  like diarrhea. But I think they are trying to save Joe Biden from all is 44 years of stealing money through his office with his family that goes into the hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars that they get illegally, and tax-free. Now if Joe “Blow” Biden can steal all that kind of money… Will how much did all of the rest of them steal that have been in office for years and years and years like Nancy Pelosi and her family how much did she steal from the government to make her family superduper rich. How much did Obama steal in his eight years as the chief destroyer of the United States of America. Trillions of dollars. How much did the Clinton steel, trillions of dollars by using their position to commit treason and sell us out to the everybody. Both demo rat and Republican would’ve been professional congressmen and senators all their lives have stole billions and billions of dollars through their families for themselves and not for the people of the United States of America but they use their office as traitors to this country to make themselves rich and we the people poor. That is what’s behind the impeachment.

They are afraid that Trump might start investigating them and how they got their millions and how they committed treason to get their  millions and other disgusting things that would put the normal person in prison for the rest of their life.

Vote them out in November. Pres. Trump is the only president in the history of the United States of America at least modern-day history that is trying to save America who works for the America who does not side with the enemy against the United States who cuts taxes for the people who thinks of the people first USA first not foreigners, not enemies of this country, and his other presidents have supported our enemies by arming them secretly to kill our soldiers. Through the dishonesty of the UN. President TRump stands alone and fights these Traitors and Rats. God Bless President Trump!