Gender…only two

Gender, there’s a lot of talk about gender in fact today I was listening to the Rush Limbaugh and he was reading an article by some cuckoo psychologist that says that the women hate men and should become lesbian.

All the nuts and bolts are loose,that Obama turned loose,on we the people because he’s a sick son of a bitch. Anyway there’s only two genders that God created or nature if you want, and it’s called male and female. Now if you are male you have a penis, if you’re female you have of Vigina. And you can’t change that.

So if in your mind you or your parents that are really sick thought that since you were a male but thought that you should be a girl, they put it in your head that your a different gender. Not true. Girls are the same thing, girls are girls and can’t be boys.
And if you think that you were something other than what you were born you are a sick sick dumb sucker. Like John Wayne said, if a guy cuts off his pecker, he’s still a guy without a pecker. Obama’s legacy to our society Pandora’s box is open and all  the nuts and bolts are loose,  all the loose cannons running around in this world that are as crazy as he is.  And some have been recently elected to Congress, and some have been around for a long time, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders the communist agent, Chuck Schumer, Omar, Cortez and her other two friends.