Gasoline, Obama and the Regulators

After filling up with gas as I see the price at $20.00 for 5 gallons of gas I say to myself  “Thank you Obama for screwing me and every  America in the United States of America.” I do Blame the Bush Presidents both father and son because they are tied to the hip with OPEC sticking it to the people making these goat herders the richest people in the World over we the American citizens who have to, pay through the noise for gasoline. The real problem started wit the great Traitor President Jimmy (The first world king when he started the Department of Energy that was suppose to get us off foreign oil in the first place they have never got us off dependency of foreign oil but we are more dependent on foreign oil than we have ever been and the department alone cost’s we the tax payers over forty billion dollars a year and then they also have the power to give billions of dollars away, our money, not theirs.

The first guy to stick it to  the people about gas was Daddy Bush when gas, during this era was seventy-five cents a gallon ran it to a dollar 25 cents a gallon. We the working people were not making  a whole lot of money at the time and the fifty cents more a gallon was a burden on the working man. It was who Regan came along and cut the gas price  from seventy five cents a gallon back to I think it was 35 cents or 50 cents a gallon, but he told all the sates that they could put the money he saved the people into a state tax for the gas. And the states jumped on it and put the tax on and the gas went back to seventy-five cents for a gallon of gas. Then it was Bush( The New World Order President) put it at a dollar fifty a gallon and it stayed there  for a long time and still this was not necessary because if we would have produced are own and gas and refined it here instead of sending it Japan to refine our gas then charge us an arm and a leg for our own gas we would be paying thirty five cents a gallon and the oil companies would still make big profit. Here again our Presidents and Bureaucracies  and Congressmen and Senators working for Foreign powers making them rich on the backs of the America tax payers, only caring about what goes on in the world and forget about the United States of America, we don’t count. Now comes the great bill Clinton the so called serial rapist who was instrumental in selling Standard Oil to England! England walks off with our oil and if things get bad we can’t touch that oil, we developed the oil, pipe lines to the cost of Alaska not England, they use our ports to pick it up and ship it back to England and we get nothing in return, but Clinton gets his kick back like all the presidents do from selling us off to Foreign Countries  through their libraries, a great money laundering front. And then these greedy bastards want us to give them our money so they can get reelected to screw us some more, they have so much money they will never be able to spend it. Look at Clinton’s daughter’s wedding three million like it was three cents. Now to Bush Jr. another slave to OPEC, at least he didn’t bow to King Abdulla and kiss his hand like Obama the Muslim did. Again the Bush family tied to the hip of OPEC.  He drove the gas up after 9/11 to keep we Americans from moving around freely and created the most useless Bureaucracies in the United States of America, a huge tax burden on the people which is pure Communist Doctrine, look it up like I did. They all get a kick back from the oil, that’s why it remains in control of OPEC, and Obama gets his kick back. This is better than the Mafia, these people can never go to jail, for Treason or for anything else, and that includes murder.

Take a look at  TSA, why not let the Cities of those big airports use their own police and give them more jobs and Homeland Security another waste of tax payers dollars, the only people they can catch is the American Citizen who hasn’t done anything to the United States of America except pay taxes so the Government can screw us,, who they call the terrorist while protecting the real terrorist threat to us is the Muslims and giving them more power to cause trouble. And know the Muslim Communist traitor Barrack Hussein Obama driving the gas price up every day and his man who runs the Department of Energy wants to drive the price up to ten dollars a gallon so we can be like Europe, since when is Europe our leader in anything. Now Obama is stomping the USA telling people, “No I don’t want to get the gas up, it’s not my doing..” It is his doing and he is lies through his teeth when he says he doesn’t want gas to go up. He Controls everything and to wreck the American Tax payer he is driving taxes up and everything that will hurt the American public and destroy our Country to make into a Communist country. Don’t forget that what ever these President do to destroy our Country they are getting billions of dollars in kick backs from everyone they deal with. You see how Obama and his family live like Kings and Queens of the World, that is a taste of Communism all the Politicians will will like the Dukes and Earls of old  and we the people will be slaves to them and when they can’t use you they will murder you and your family at will. Bill Ayers and his descendants will be charge of the killing of at least 25,000 Americans  a month in  the United States of America, remember Obama has already set things up to kill all the Senior Citizens he can. No Medicare for anyone over the age of 55 and the death panels already set. And Fema setting up Political Prisons all over America to come and take anyone away who the Obama Communist Government consider a threat or speaks out for freedom. It’s all about money and power, and we the people are going to lose if the people who don’t believe it can happen don’t wake up because it is happening right now.

We can be sure if and when we develop more oil here in America that our Traitor Presidents and the Bureaucracies, along with the Congress and the Senate will sell our oil and the rights to it to a Foreign Country in a minute and screw  the people and this Country. Obama is a usurper Communist President and the Communist are in control right now of this Country.

Keep your guns and ammo handy we may need them sooner then we think. “Give me Liberty or give me death”