Why the Constitution Doesn’t Work…

The main reason the Constitution doesn’t work and cannot work is the 16th Amendment, because of Woodrow Wilson and his other alter ego  brain, Edward House, socialist thinking at that time, called Fabianism, took full control over the Federal Government, with the passage of the 16th Amendment. Which says Congress can tax your “farts”, if they want to; they opened the door to the destruction of the economy of the  United States of America? This is from the book “None Dare Call it Treason” the Congress from 1913 has had it hands on all the wealth in America through taxation. As the money rolled in from the taxes the Presidents and the Congressional Progressive Democrats and Republicans created Bureaucracy after Bureaucracy, no one could stop the Congress from taxing the United States Citizen from their money. Taxation with representation, we must understand that during this time the Colleges’ were teaching Fabian Socialism Keynesian economics which is the root of Communism, brake Capitalism and the redistribution of wealth. You work, the Government takes your money and gives it away to someone who knows how to play the system and take your money and make more money on the side without paying income tax. The Government opened the door to steal all the money you can from the people they give free money too.


Obama’s take, to the point,  to shove Communism down our throats, this all started in 1913, with Woodrow Wilson, who thought he was the most super intelligent person over the whole world of human beings, he read HG Wells dream books of a Utopian world he tried to make it come true. Some of it has come true, they called it the UN, but the UN is not a dream, it is a nightmare, all these Countries in the UN are against the United States of America. And the United States gives all these Countries billions of dollars to help their people in these Countries but these Leaders keep all the money and their people starve. We can thank that great Traitor Jimmie Carter for that and many more wrong things to destroy this Country and our Congress and Senators are more than willing to give away our money, not their money, but our money.


Now comes the overthrow of Russia and in come Communism, and the United States Government, all of our Presidents starting with President Wilson,  and then the Great Socialist Communist Traitor Franklin Delano Roosevelt who opened the doors for Communism to come in and take over our Government. All our Presidents have supported Russia and made Russia the power it is today, they all have made China the power it is today, ask their man in Washington, Bill Clinton.  Strange all these Presidents come from the East cost or were educated at East Coast College.


We wonder why the Constitution doesn’t work, how can Obama, go around the Constitution and the Congress doesn’t do a thing. The reason is that as the Bureaucracies where created one on top of the other, the Congress in their stupidity gave their power up to the Bureaucracies to REGULATE any thing they wanted to and it became law. Let’s look at Obama’s top regulator, Cass Sunstein a professor from Harvard, who puts out more Communist students than any other College in America, is now regulating the 2nd Amendment, going right around the 2nd Amendment, and start it’s demise and a new way to take away our right to own a gun or rifle or buy ammunition. All the Communist thinkers that Obama has surrounded himself with have come out of Harvard, Obama is a Communist. This is why the United States is being destroyed with out a fight from the Congress or the Senate or the Communist News-Media. The Stupid Congressmen have given America away, their power, and that is why the Communist Democrats and Republicans can tax us to death, regulate, all of us who work hard and try to get ahead in life to make a better life for ourselves and our children and now the  Communist President, Obama, and all the Bureaucracies have control over the Congress and the Senate so that one guy who thinks that we should not have some thing to make our lives better because he doesn’t like it or thinks that we the people shouldn’t live better than anyone else on this Planet, we the people get the knife stuck in our backs by our own Government, with the blessings of each President, as long as they don’t have to do what we the people have to do. They will live like Kings and Queens of the World and we will live in garbage. Take a look at Obama and his wife’s life style, Obama and his wife eat lobster and the best of foods, at our expense and we have to sacrifice our lives and take a step down in the way we live, for them? They alone spend billions of our tax dollars for their trips, that are unnecessary, and we pay through the nose. When Obama and his wife had a date night in New York, not to long ago it cost we the tax payers a couple million dollars, then Obama tells us we must sacrifice our lives for them and the rest of the bust outs. Obama said on the O’Reilly Factor, ” I don’t like spending my money” but he doesn’t mind spending our tax dollars and keeping his money in the Banks of China where it is safe from Government plunder.

Who the hell do the Obama’s think they are?  They are the worst people in the World and they will destroy the United States of America because of two things, the 16th Amendment and Congress giving up their power to the Bureaucracies.

Never ever give up your gun; it is the only thing that will keep us free, because if you give up your gun the only people who will have a gun is Obama’s Green Army, like the Brown Shirts that Hitler had going through the streets of Germany keeping people in line. Our Armed Forces will go to the UN. Don’t for one minute think that won’t happen, look at all the Democratic and Republicans Communist Traitors we have.

The world is filled with violence. Because criminals carry guns, we decent law-abiding citizens should also have guns. Otherwise they will win and the decent people will lose.” – James Earl Jones