Senate gives Obama OK to attack Syria

The Senate has backedĀ  their god, Obama, by passing a law that Obama is free to committee an act of war anytime he wants, to kill our sons and daughters in another war. Syria didn’t attack us! Saudi Arabia did. We the people are sick of 100 years of war. 90% of all the armed forces kill in our 100 year wars have been White. The Senators and Congressmen who voted for god Obama to wage war in Syria, none of their sons or daughters or relatives and friends will die for nothing. Only we the peon white peoples children will die for Obama. It is also another way to destroy the United States of America, killing our people and the cost is billions of dollars a day. That will also destroy our economy. When are the people of the USA going to wake and see that the Government is our enemy and use our tax dollars to kill us. Do we have to have a civil war to get back our freedom? YES!!!