From The Blaze

A nun in Syria has proof that Assad didn’t use poison gas on his people.

This is my answer and from the first I said Obama did it.

Obama, McCain, who talked to Al Qaeda twice, Kerry the Vietnam War Traitor, and the CIA. Did what the movie, Charlie Wilson’s War arming the Afghanistan to beat Russia 20 years ago, The CIA and State Department got the Poison Gas to the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda. McCain was the leader in this since Ambassador Stevens was deliberately murdered while Obama, and Clinton watched in real time. Assad didn’t bomb the people with Poison gas the United State of America did for Obama to be able to take over the Middle-East for the Saudi’s and destroy Israel. The cost of a Syrian war for the USA will brake this nation which is what Obama and all the Progressive Demo-rats and John McCain’s Rhino Republicans want. we are in massive debt because of our Politicians now, Obama and his gang has stolen all the Gold from Fort Knocks, destroyed our economy changed the face of the USA into what he wants. People if we want the United  States to come back we are going to have to fight for it with our lives. Arm your selves and be ready. 90% of the America people are tired of War and don’t want a War, only Obama and his gang of Traitors. WE have been at war for a 100 years when will Washington stop killing our sons and daughter for their agenda and money and power to them. The Government is the true enemy of the USA!

Remember Obama is a pathological lair and a stone cold blooded killer of human beings, and has no use for honesty or anything else. His goal is to take over the middle-east for the Saudi’s so Obama’s muslin Brotherhood can run things. Destroy Israel, and the United States at the same time. the time is coming soon if you want freedom and liberty we will have to fight for it.