John McCain to quit

John McCain is a Traitor to the American people. He voted against the 2nd Amendment, and the stupid NRA indorsed him along with Sara Palin who he almost destroyed, McCain voted for a two language Country, McCain voted for open borders despite what he tells the dummies in Arizona, he voted for duel citizenship. All these things are to destroy the United States of America. He knows that there is no such thing as the USA will ever win a war because our Government policy is “No Win wars” Just kill off our White male population helping the UN. McCain to quit is the best news I have heard in a long time get rid of another enemy of the United States. Graham should go next. We need people who support our Constitution and our freedom form Government.

Read the book “None dare call it Treason” by John A. Stormer. McCain writes and has laws passed that destroys our freedom. The latest one is where the Big G. can walk into your house and take you away anytime they want and you never come to trial.

McCain has voted with Obama on everything to wreck our Country, he worked with and for Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Taliban.¬† These are the same people our children are being killed and mangled by. McCain went to Syria twice by Obama’s order to let them know the the United States will back them with money and arms and more then likely made the deal to ship them the poison gas to use against the Syrians and blame Assad for it.

He and Graham¬† want a War in the Middle-East but their children don’t have to die our children have to die for nothing. What’s it all about? Killing every Jew and Christian in the Middle-East and Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood in full control of all the oil. All this will lead to the destruction of the United States of America, and Obama to be ruler for life and we the people his slaves, or we will be murdered by the Government. Who all the Senators and Congressmen helped Obama to give all the Bureaucracies guns and ammo to use against us. To destroy the Constitution of the USA. To destroy our freedom and our right to live as free men. The Government has already attacked a town in Alaska.