Every six months a massacre shooting?

What is this? Another set up by Obama to grab our guns. E#very six months there is a shooting in a Gun free killing zone. Obama felt so bad about the killings he went to his party, which cost we the tax payers at least 50 million dollars, and danced and sang all night and had a great time. The King and Queen of the United States don’t give two cents how many people die in this country, they are both cold blooded killers with no feelings for anything or anybody but themselves.

Things are extremely¬† tight at this Naval site, how did the guy get in with a Ar15, or a pistol. Lies, lies and more lies, by the Obama Government to take away our guns. I don’t care if the Police and the Federal police say there wad an AR15, I didn’t see it and why should we take their word for it because they all lie for Obama and Feinstein, who carries¬† a 38, and her guards carry automatic pistols to protect her not us. Another set up by the Government who found this crazy Black killer. Who knows if our Government didn’t plant a gun for him to kill these people.