Senator Cruz not a team player

Senator Cruz did what the we the citizens of the United States wanted him to do fight for us and try and right a wrong. Obama Care is wrong, because it will cause untold hard ship on we the people, less service, more money and the culling of the population.

By Senator King who said Cruz was not a team player, this alone, should prove to the America voter that the Senate is working for the Government to destroy our Country and our Freedom. As a Senator or a Congressmen there should be no Team players, there should only be Senators and Congressmen working for the good of we the people who trusted them and keeping our Country prosperous and we the people and making sure that the peoples lives are not compromised by a Tyrant Government we now have. That we the people can have our children educated better then we were. That our childrenĀ  are not brain washed by the Government. That our children rise above the Government and do things to help our Country move Forward in every way possible. In Medicine, in new inventions that make our lives better andĀ  in laws that give us freedom of choice… like we had. Not Government controlled choice.

Team players are a group of people that will fight against another group. The group that the Senator and Congressional Team Players are fighting against are we the People!