Obama doing what he wants!



Obama also has the complete backing of the Progressive/ Communist Demo-rats and Rhino Republicans that’s why he can do anything he wants and even go past the Congress, they let him. I wonder how much money these Traitors get paid off to back Obama all the way.

By 2014 all these guys will try and make us think that they are for us our Constitution and freedom.   They are not, they have proved who they are,   and who they are for and it is not they American people. Vote them out, and we should demand term limits Senators Three years and Congressmen what they have but can’t serve more then 3 terms. No one can serve more then three terms. And they meet 2 times a year for two weeks and take a 75% pay cut, and no perks. And they can’t take money for their campaign funds from no one.

These Traitor Progressive/Communist Demo-rats and Rhino Republicans  will try and distance themselves from Obama. Don’t you believe it they are with the Obama all the way. Their Dogma is to destroy the United States of America to turn it into a Third World Communist Country like Cuba. They will push us back into the Dark ages. But they will stay rich beyond their wildest  dreams while sacrificing the rest of us to poverty .

Just in case, keep your guns well oiled and a lot of Ammo we are going to need it when Obama unleashes his Illegal Army against us.