Obama to win the Presidenice a third time

This article was from Western Journalism. This is my answer to an article that doesn’t tell you or we what to do about it.

This is great news, tell us what to do. Revolt and march on Washington DC armed and ready? Wait until the 2014 elections come and now the main stream Republicans lead by Rhino Traitor Carl Rove push our all the Tea Party candidates. They have the same agenda as Obama and the Progressive Demo-rats who have the voting controlled by letting people vote 2 to 6 times in the 2 weeks they have to vote plus people like ACRON and their new name,  stealing votes recounting mail in votes, that are in the trunk of their cars so the Progressive candidates win like they did in Minnesota for goof Al Franken. No Judge stopped that fraud.  Not counting the votes from our Military.  Making  sure the Socialist Progressive Communist get back in. Republican or Demo-rats. Making sure that Illegal Mexicans vote two and three times with no ID.? All the Judges are Demo-rats and will not investigate voter fraud. There were some cities that put in thousands of votes more then the population that was registered to vote, and that wasn’t stopped. Tell us what to do!!

Stop telling us all the wrongs that are going to happen to us. We know all that. Come up with solutions, leaders that will lead us to freedom even if we have to die for it. Tell us how to destroy 500 people that run our Communist Government. Everybody can tell us all the bad stuff that is happening but no one has the guts to tell the people to unite as one. Millions of us and march on Washington DC armed and take our freedom back.  “As for me, give Liberty or give me death” Americans remember that. Is everyone willing to be destroyed and live in poverty, and the Presidents and Senators and Congressmen rob us of our money and our homes and our freedom. They will live like Kings and Queens  of old but in the 21st  century and their children will live good  not yours or mine. ours and us will be stupid drones of the Government and in few years ignorant of everything. Education run by the Government for the Government to make everyone stupid.

The Progressives Demo-rats and Republicans  are using the 10% of the population that choose to live in poverty. That is not counting the people that live high on the hog on the Government doll our tax dollars. This is to convince us that we should share our wealth. Communist doctrine. That doesn’t work. Capitalism works. But the Government and the unions destroyed all the jobs.

Wait, all you dummies that took that Government loan and gave up the owner ship of your home. You will be out ion the street living in a card board box. If not sharing your home with ten bust out families, one leader in your house taking orders form Obama’s Communist leaders. That’s what they did in Russia and that is what Obama and the Possessiveness  Demo-rats and Carl Rove Republicans are going to do no matter who wins the election. Look at what liars and thrives they are making money for themselves whilke screwing we the tax payers. Read the Judaical Watch.