Joan Rivers speaks out for Israel

Three cheers for Joan Rivers. She has the guts to call a spade a spade. Not like us, who cry poor Muslims. When put their own children in harms way to die for their murder Cult religion. And where are the Muslim women ready to have their children die and gladly put them in harms way to die, so Islam will look good in the bias news media accusing the Jews of killing children. Give me a brake. How about all the innocent children and Jews and Christians that the Muslims murder at, will chopping out their heads in the street. But that’s OK because our great leader is supporting the supporting the Muslims to the tune of 43 million dollars a day in guns tanks and bombs and planes and training to kill every Jew in Israel and every Christian they can find.

And what about the Muslims killing our troops with the help and aid of Barrack Hussein Obama and his people that he put in charge of the CIA and the DOD! And where are we, the American people? Doing nothing to stop Obama the Demo-rats and Rhino Republicans who worship this Traitor President. You think your going to stop Obama in November? Forget about it, he has all his illegals in place and all the Muslims and all the Blacks ready to vote for him and they don’t have to be registered to vote which means they can vote 100 times or more. Rand Paul is for this. As far as I am concerned Rand Paul is not Presidential material he is no better then the Obama and all the Demo-rats and Traitor Rhino Republicans. We are dumb and naive to think that this Government is honest and straight forward and there will be an honest election.  Ain’t going to happen. Obama is campaigning all the time that means that he is going to be the Ruler of this Hemisphere!

That is what he is planing with all the Latino Countries.