Global Warming???

In my opinion:


Global warming is destroying our earth according to numb brain Al Gore, but he made billions of dollars off of that and so did G.E. There is no such thing as global warming. There is such a thing as pollution. The biggest problem is garbage and human waste. In Florida along the Indian River with million dollar homes the people flush their toilets into Septic Tanks and those tanks are leaking into the Indian River all down the State of Florida and into the inter coastal water way boats dump their human waste into the Rivers they travel  and into the Ocean. That’s way you can’t go into the Ocean anymore because you can pick up that decease that eats your flesh away and the doctors and scientists  don’t know how to stop it.

Every Country in the World uses our oceans as toilets and garbage dumps. For years New York City has used the ocean as a garbage dump. About 20 to 30 miles out of NY Harbor there is a huge spot I call it a spot because I don’t know the right terminology to describe it. But if this bacteria floats back into New York City and beyond  it will kill every man, woman, and child in that city and nothing can stop that bacteria.

The Federal Government the EPA, stopped us from burning garbage and now we have mountains,  some over a hundred feet high full of garbage,  picked up by the Cities and Counties and States and dumped. These garbage dumps leak bacteria into our fresh water system and we drink it, cook our food in it and bath in it. To stop a little smoke going into the atmosphere we are destroying our land. All decisions are knee jerk decisions not well thought our by people who think they are environmentalist are in fact killers of the environment. May that is one reason why cancer is on the rise in the United States of America. Poor sanitation dumb thinking by our elite   College graduates with no common sense, or training as a real scientist with some training in sanitation engineering. Instead of a bunch of pseudo bunch of environmentalists getting together in a room and making decisions for us that in the end don’t work and will never work because some crack pot has it in their heads that they and they alone know what should be done and they really don’t know anything. It is better to destroy some ones land for some stupid bug that has out lived itself in the 21st century for the environment.

In Chicago on 103rd street there is a golf course that was made over  garbage dump that was used for almost a hundred years. If you play golf there you van smell the stink of rotten full of bacteria seeping up through the ground. Keep playing golf there and wonder how you got cancer or some other horrible decease.

The EPA closed down all the farms in one area in California over some fish that doesn’t mean anything to mankind to survive but the farms do. No food  grown by the farmers to bring to market. They loose their farms and lively hood the price of food goes sky high people can’t by it and the stores throw it in the garbage because the Government gives them a big tax brake on food they can’t sell because the people can’t afford to by it.

Fall into the China sea and see what decease you come up with and die because there is no cure for it. The flush their toilets right into the China Sea. Obama sends China 280, 000,000 gallons of fresh water a day that our Government drains out of the great Lakes. Because the Chinese can’t drink the water. Human waste polluted the land and it will never come back. The news media doesn’t tell us about that deal Obama made on his own with the cooperation of the Demo-rats and the stupid Republicans. Our Great Lakes are drained and the water is going down. Where do you think 3/4 of the United States gets it’s fresh drinking water? Form the Great Lakes! The Grate Lakes is also being polluted by the States that surround it including Canada.  The EPA wont stop that. Their god and leader has spoken and they bow down to him and let it happen. But no one is protecting the United States of America or we, it’s Citizens.

In Europe, that grate  civilization that our rich people and stupid Senators and Congressmen love, they can’t drink the water becasue has been polluted for hundreds of years and they have done nothing to stop the pollution. They rather drink beer and wine then real water. Where are the environmentalist in Europe? They are all here in the United States of America destroying our Country. We should worry about Sanitation, human waste, garbage and bring back DDT to kill the new bugs that are infecting the people around the World.   There is no Global Warming, it is a money maker for Al Gore, GE, and all our Presidents and Senators and Congressmen who daily sell us out to the highest bidder for big money.

But we Dummies sit on our hands and do nothing. What can we do…the babies cry. Unite as one people and bring down this Communist Government before they bring us down to the level of any Third World Country where they are constantly killing their people who by the way are unarmed and defend themselves.