Look and see…..

Look and see what you shall hear the midnight ride of Paul Revere… the Federal Government is coming top kill us.

In my opinion:

Look at who our real enemies are the Presidents and Congressman and women and Senators  we voted for to keep our country free and we the people free, to protect our Constitution and Bill of Rights. they are now helping Obama to destroy it and our lives.

Look what Barrack Hussein Obama is doing and he has two and a half years to completely destroy the United States of America and destroy our Constitution. Obama has all the help of every Congressmen ans Senator to help him destroy us. Plus the America style Gestapo called the IRS. Obama has all the regulators  working for him   to destroy Coal Companies and farmers which he is happy to do so our food can’t be grown and meat and our prices are doubling and tripling. I was at the store today  and there was a price of meat that cost $143.89 at $8.95 a pound. Nice right. Obama and our elected officials are such good people looking out for we few American citizens.

Look how our standard of liveng has gone down from what is was a couple years ago. This was supposed to have happened when Jimmy Carter sold us our to Europe. But at that time the Trilateral Commission, had no idea how to bring us down, like the Government is doing today, started by David Rockefeller, (Socialist super wealthy Traitor) and Jimmy Carter’s man behind the thrown a pseudo educated intellectual grease ball from Communist Poland, Zbigniew Brzeinski to tell Carter what to do and run this Country.They drove prices on everything, I mean everything, prices doubled and tripled like now. But they didn’t  know how to destroy the dollar at that time.

Also Carter alone destroyed the Middle-East by running the Shaw Of Iran out the having him killed by injecting him with Cancer. (Notice  how all the people who might know something about our Presidents or cause our elected Congressmen an Senators an investigation all die of cancer. The Shaw, he offended Carter. Why? I don’t know but it always about money.  But Carter loves the Muslims in the Middle-East and when  Carter brought back the Ayatollah Khomeini to rule Iran,  who was exiled to France for many years by the Shaw,   who was the founder and became the supreme Ruler of the Islamic Republic of Iran.  Immediately brought Iran the most modern and Western civilized Country out side of Israel in the Middle-East, brought the people back to the 7th century religion of Islam, a true murder cult. Khomeini killed 300 million people who refused to backwards from great Western standard, of living conditions, education for women, and so on. Carter was responsible for this and there was a quote by Carter when asked what he was going to to about the Shaw that he disposed of.   Carter that great Baptist humanitarian said, “Fuck the Shaw.”

Carter had balls enough to tell we the America people on National TV in a sweater like he was  a kind nice man which he wasn’t and is still  a Traitor to this Country. Told us that we, the America people have to lower our standard of living to be comparable to the people of Europe. Where only the rich like Carter are allowed to live the good life.

In the Fifties Senator Joe McCarthy started looking at the Communist influence in our Government and and Hollywood. He went to a Government Hospital and came out with Cancer of the elbow and died soon after that. Ruby who conveniently killed  Oswald who was accused of killing President Kennedy, while in jail got cancer of the elbow and died   quickly after that. John Gotti soon after he was in a Federal prison got cancer and died. Look at all the bodies the Clinton’s left behind them of people they knew and did business with they were all murdered.

Look at Obama who loves killing people, Joan Rivers said he was a homosexual and his wife a transvestite went to the hospital for a simple check up and died. Funny how the Presidents can kill who ever they want and get away with it.  That’s better then being in the Mafia you never go to jail for your crimes. The Congress and the Senate have to respect the office of the President no matter what kind of a pathological nut case he is and they all are.

The Presidents have to much power, so do the Congress and the Senate. They are all doing every in their power to destroy us. And unfortunately it’s working because we the people have our heads where the sun don’t shine. Until we get our heads out we will be destroyed by the same people we elected to keep our country free.

Am I the only one who can see how quickly the Federal Government can kill us all.

This is what Socialism/ Communism is: Socialist/ Communist Governments held that human life is not special or needs to be preserved. People are are little more then live stock to them and like live stock they are free to be slaughtered when necessary from the Government. Take a look what that Irishman George  Bernard Shaw said on U-Tube about what should   done with the people who are beneath those who in the upper class where Shaw and his friends. Like Ezekiel Emanuel who helped right Obama Care says the same thing if you cannot serve your master, Big Government and the rich, (there are only two classes in Socialism/Communism rich and poor) the you should die. This was from some article I read on the Internet, and didn’t write down the authors name. It is true. The only Utopia there is in big Socialism/ Communism is for the wealthy and Government officials.

Nice people we trust to protect us. They are our enemies. Look at Big Joe Bidden you think this guy or anyone them operate with a full deck? Keep your guns to stay free and get ready to kill those who want to kill us.