Romney Slames Obama over ISIS

In my opinion:

To bad Romney didn’t have the guts to slam Obama when they were on National TV in the Presidential debates.   He kept being a nice guy and didn’t want to hurt Obama’s feelings and look like he’s a raciest. And rung his hands about taxes which is a lot of crap.

He was told by the powers that run this country to back off. Because the super rich and the Trilaterals and the Bildbergs and many more Socialist/ Communist the Counsel on Foreign Relations run by the Super rich Rockefeller family,  These are the main  organizations in this Country that want the United States destroyed so the UN will Rule in the New World Order. Romney should just keep, his mouth shut because he didn’t have the guts to attack Obama as the lair an Traitor he is , when it would have counted. We don’t need mealy mouthed hand ringer Presidential Candidates  about how bad taxes are and never mention that Obama and the Senate and the Congress are destroying our Country and destroying our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Go back into the wood work Romney you had your chance twice and blew it because you don’t have the guts to stand up against Obama face to face and tell him he is a Muslim, a Lair, and a Traitor!